Back on Track…

It’s amazing how much I missed having a computer (at home) for the past couple of weeks. I now have a replacement and it’s like having a limb returned. LOL 😉  Can you relate?

The time away from “the screen” has not been unproductive though. I actually accomplished more than I had expected (by far!)  including “mapping out” my crochet book, which I have been hoping to create for a long, long time. I am really happy with the concept for the book (fun and informative) the projects I’ve designed already and how quickly it all came together, when I really focused on this one project. Now I am deciding on the yarns I want to use for each project and getting started on completing them. It’s a tall order but crochet has always been my first love in yarn-crafts so I think it’s going to be a lot of fun too.

I have also completed the new recipes, updates and variations for my second vegetarian cookbook and have a proposal ready to send out, as of this week. Again, a project that has been a long time in the works and again I am truly happy with my work to date, on this venture. Cooking is a passion for me as you know, so it’s been wonderful to get back to creating new recipes.

Also in the works, my haiku calendar is now being considered by a major calendar publisher, I have been offered the opportunity to write another bi-weekly recipe column for a BC newspaper (hopefully starting in May).  Also plan to start selling a natural cosmetic/skin care line that I truly feel good about promoting, also coming up next month.

I have entries in a couple of poetry/writing competitions. Again something I haven’t pursued for a long time.

Last but not least, I have finally been able to get more copies of my first cookbook: Not Just for Vegetarians, so will also be selling these (including an online sale/promotion) in the very near future.

I’m swamped, but in a very good way! 🙂

7 responses

  1. you’re doing so much and here I am complaining about doing just one book

    anyway, I hope you have fun working on your various project – I like to think it’s the journey/process that counts and not that the final product even though that will bring some happiness

    hope you are enjoying spring!

  2. Good for you, Geraldine, you inspire me!

  3. It sounds like the downtime from the computer really helped you to focus on your goals. I loved the excitement in this post…I’m glad you were able to work on projects that bring you such joy! *hugs* 🙂

  4. I’m glad you’re swamped. Swamped is good. You inspire me to stop lolling around, watching TV and eating cake. Time to get back to work.

  5. Hi Lissa, To work on creative projects is rewarding in so many ways. I wish you much success with your new book, sounds wonderful!

    Hi Sandy, Thanks Sandy, nice to hear!

    Hi Ruinwen, That could be part of it, although it was very frustrating not to be able to use a computer when I wanted to. A notebook and a pen, who’s a thunk it LOL. 😉 It is a nice mix of work I’ve got on the go right now and I did get organized how to proceed as well. For me, that’s huge. So many times I tend to get scattered and then nothing actually gets accomplished. Thanks for your kind words R.

    Hi Sel, Swamped can be good, that is so true. You, eating cake and lolling around, I doubt it. But if you are eating cake, can you share!!!

    Hugs and Happy Mid-Week, G

  6. I could do without a phone or a TV, but a single day without my computer would really test my patience. On the other hand, maybe if my computer was taken away I’d get more accomplished each day!

  7. Thanks for stopping in Marlene. I could do without a TV. The phone…ummm, not sure about that one.

    I have gone back to my original blog name: Veggies,Yarns & Tails. Please update your sidebars when you can. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

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