Your (Knitting) Opinion Please!

I’ve been planning to make this Fair Isle cardigan from Stitch and Bitch for a LONG time. I had started the pattern in a Lopi tweed but realise now that the Fair Isle pattern will look lost, amidst the flecks in the yarn. It’s time for some serious frogging. ūüė¶

I’m now considering making this pattern in a cotton yarn. This way, it would be wearable indoors and for most of the year. Making it in wool would result in a very toasty sweater, that I probably wouldn’t¬†wear much. I’ve got oodles of very warm sweaters already, most of them languishing in boxes and at the back of the closet.

What do you think? Would a heavy-worsted weight cotton be appropriate for this cardigan?


I love the coral or the crimson perhaps for the main color.

¬†I noted this beautiful yarn called: Replay by Tahki¬†on the back of the latest Patternworks catalog and thought it might work for this sweater. Not sure though. Let me know what you think. And thanks in advance for any¬†advice! This will probably take me a while to finish (my first Fair Isle!) I want to be sure I’m going to wear it, a lot! ūüėČ

I was¬†browsing¬†several yarn company’s patterns the other day and came across the wonderful selection of FREE patterns, also over at Tahki Stacy Charles.If you haven’t visited already, definitely worth a look.

So often I find the free patterns offered at yarn sites, seem to be mediocre, sometimes downright sad and a very limited selection. Not the case here.

I also took a look at the latest edition of their Urban Organics  wow! Just in time for summer knitting too.

Have you tried any of the Tahki Stacy Charles¬†patterns? I’d love to know about/see your results if you have.

Cardigan photo courtesy of: Flickr.

Yarn color chart: Tahki, Stacy,Charles

6 responses

  1. Believe it or not, I have never knitted a sweater using cotton yarn. I always knit with wool because of our cold winters in NY and I’m always freezing my butt off. So I really can’t give you any advice. I absolutely love the color crimson! Have fun knitting it and wearing it too!

  2. I have no idea what to advise, as I’ve only knit anything in Fair Isle once, mittens, and I wanted wool.

    More experienced knitters need to reply to you!!!

  3. I’ve have only knit tanks in cotton and they both came out really nice. I think that maybe you should buy 2 different colors of the cotton you are looking at and do a simple swatch of the Fair Isle pattern and see how you like it. See if the drape is something that is light enough for what you are thinking of.

    IMHO I think it could be beautiful and just because one does not see Fair Isle in cotton very often, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done.


  4. Hi Diana, I love the crimson and the coral, tough decision. ūüėČ I’ve knitted and crochet quite a few things in cotton, over the years. I just don’t know if it’s suitable for Fair Isle. Nice to “see” you again and stay warm!

    Hi Sallee, I think you’ve got oodles of experience in knitting Sallee, perhaps not in Fair Isle though. I am amazed at all the knitting that you do.

    Hi Ruinwen, Now that’s a great suggestion. Thank you, Ill try this swatch idea first. I actually have a cotton (purchased) sweater with a intricate design at the top and it looks great. I think Ill go for it but still not sure about the main color to pick.

    Happy Knitting, G

  5. I don’t knit, but can understand the idea behind doing it in cotton. My daughter once made a beautiful fair isle sweater and only got to wear it a little while before her husband put it in the dryer with the kids clothes. I vote for crimson.

    BTW, I just met a really good knitter the other day. She is a Canadian, too! We found that our families in Switzerland are from towns just a small distance apart.

    Here is her blog site address-

  6. I think I will order a crimson, a coral and a couple of contrast colors and give it a try. I love the crimson and the coral so much, I can’t pick one. LOL

    I can always use the yarn for something else if I don’t make this sweater. That way I can see how the colors really look and also if a pattern would be nice too.

    Thanks for the link Sandy, I’ll check out this blog when I can. Thats too bad about your daughter’s sweater. ;( OUCH, so much work, ahhh down the drain…sorry, I couldn’t resist. It really is sad. I once ruined an alpaca sweater I loved, the same way.

    Happy Tuesday, G

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