How Do They Always Know…


I have yet to meet (or be owned) by any cat who doesn’t gravitate to black clothing.

Mr. Cheddar is no exception. He found the sun and my black cape yesterday when I came home, no problem!  😉





“Oh Meowmie, get a life!!!”

10 responses

  1. You are right, they do seem to find the one place to sleep that you wish they wouldn’t. He is so pretty though, I’ll bet he didn’t get scolded.

  2. He looks like he’s all “What? What’s your problem?” lol.

    Now Hez likes light colored things. Being a gray cat. 🙂

  3. love it, Geraldine!! My cats keep finding my black Walmart reusable shopping bags. After a couple of times taking them to Walmart and having the cashiers say — “um, ma’m there’s some kind of hair all over these bags are you sure you want to use them,” I’ve consigned those bags to perpetual cat cushions and try to keep the rest in the car where not cats can find them. In my experience they also love navy blue — for some reason my nice cuddly light gray sweatshirt is just simply not as appealing as the navy blue one.

  4. Mr Cheddar is the most beautiful of cats. Too adorable!

  5. Thanks fans. I will gladly come to your homes to “spread the fur” if you are so unfortunate NOT to be owned by a feline at this time. Travel and kibble costs will apply!

    And to Ms. Selma, you really have good eyesight my dear. I am magnificient, yes indeedy! 😉

  6. He is the one and only Mr. Cheddar. He does what he likes, when he likes. He sure is a handsome cat!

  7. Classic! they are amazing animals. Black is best, I guess! No shoddy hang outs for Mr. Cheddar. What a hoot.

  8. Oh he’s such a beautiful boy!!! And of course, he wants you to always remember him…

  9. Hi SandyL, No, he just got “captured” by the camera! LOL

    Hi Carrie, Doesn’t he though. Mr. C has such an expressive face.

    Hi Sue, We have some black market bags that collect fur like crazy. They do wash fairly well but then it all starts over. Funny story, thanks!

    Hi Sel, He seems to have taken a “shine” to you too Sel. Did you see his comment? 😉

    Hi Mr. C, I thought you’d get a meow/word in here!

    Hi Joe, He certainly owns us, doesn’t he?

    Hi Christine, And ALWAYS the fabric that is the hardest to “de-fur”. LOL

    Hi Sallee, Mr. C says thanks Sal and headbonks to the Meez!

    Hugs and Headbonks, G and Mr. C

  10. I love the expressions on Mr. Cheddar’s face! What a cutie! How do they always know??? Our dogs are the same way…and I love to wear black- makes an interesting combination. Hope all is well in your world- happy weekending~

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