Ms. Mitzi returns!

Hello again Veggie Readers,

Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer.

I’ve been busy with many projects, including my continued, ongoing creative writing pursuits, over at my poetry blog: My Poetic Path. I’ve been happy to see several of my long-time Veggie…readers stopping by over at MPP too. Much appreciated.

And of course, I still stop in on as many of my fav blogs as time permits, to catch up with your news.

In the meantime, Mitz has been busy too, posing for the camera. What a gal! Hope you enjoy this fun slide show featuring our beloved Ms. Mitz! 

The Many Moods of Dear Ms. Mitzi!

(20 years young and still full of fun)      😉


PS: Mr. Cheddar had his 15 minutes of fame a few weeks ago when I wrote this poem for him. In case you missed it the first time.  

Now it’s Mitzi’s turn to meoooooow!   


6 responses

  1. What a starlet! Showing in her own video!!!

  2. very cute.. I just love kitties.. My kitties bring much joy.

  3. Geraldine, what a beautiful slide show! Thanks for stopping by my sea anemone! 🙂

  4. Oh, Mitzi, you are still as beautiful as ever. I’m so glad you posted and shared these. And thank you for visiting me, too!

  5. 20 is a good age for a cat – and she’s looking great! My Alice only made it to 17. jack is still a youngster at 8. Thanks for dropping by. I’m back at my blog now.

  6. Hi.. Your photo with your adorable kitty made me stopped by. Owh… I love cats so much. I posted some pics on my beloved cat. She’s 11 now. Feel free to visit..

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