Taking a Veggie-Break

I’ve decided to take a break from Veggies…. At this point, not sure when or if I will be back.

So much on the go right now: a new part-time job, training courses, working on my new cookbook and also a crochet book (woohooo!!!) among other things.

I also find myself spending waaaaaaaaaay too much time, staring at a computer screen every day, in the past few weeks. Not good for any of us, is it?

I will continue to post on a fairly regular basis at My Poetic Path and of course hope you will stop by for a visit there, now and then. Hope to find the time to visit some of my fav blogs on a sporadic basis.

I have noted though, that a number of my fav blogs have been rather quiet of late; perhaps other bloggers finding that regular posts are just not getting done as they would like.

Also, WordPress seems to be acting up quite a bit lately, making posting more time-consuming (sometimes downright frustrating-eg: my sidebar woes of late, still need to click a post to bring the sidebar back in line!!!) which also has been taking some of the fun out of posting.

In the meantime, I wish you all well and thanks so much for all your support, friendship and encouragement along the way. It’s meant more to me than I can express.

Do stop by to reference the archives or just to leave a comment to say hello and how you are doing. I will be checking in when I can.

Huggs, until we meet again, G    🙂


23 responses

  1. I’m all for a break. I’m actually thinking of having one myself. I enjoy blogging but sometimes I really feel I need some time off. I have so many other things to do. That’s great about your job. Hope it all goes well – and enjoy the courses. I will miss you but will look forward to meeting you here and there in the blogosphere. Take care of yourself.

  2. It can get overwhelming. A break can be a very good thing. Although it sounds like your break is only going to be from the computer – maybe! I’ll miss your Veggie but I’ll be seeing you on your other blog.

  3. It is good to take time out when it all gets a little too much and refocus your purpose. I’ll miss you but I’m sure we’ll stay in touch through your beautiful writing and my sporadic posting. 🙂

  4. I feel as if you were barely back and now you’re going again?
    I do understand, but hate that I won’t see you here so much – or Mitz or Mr. Cheddar…
    Take good care

  5. Awww…you just came back! I’ll keep checking in on the Poetic Path, though. And there’s always Ravelry!

    I certainly can understand how blogging can get to be more of a chore than a pleasure. I think you need to let it go when it stops being fun. Real life is so important and so easy to forget about in the glow of the monitor.

    Do enjoy all those new endeavors and give the kitties a hug for me, please!

    Huggs from both the BFK and The Sheep

  6. I wish you luck with everything… I will be stopping by poetic path.

  7. I understand. Lately life has been busy and I haven’t posted much. I hope your endeavors all go really well!

  8. Best wishes G! I’ll be watching for your next publications!


  9. good for you for taking a break from the computer. I’m a strong advocate of doing just that, especially at this time of year for we Canadians. In winter, it’s so difficult being outside but now there is so much of life to be enjoying and embracing. Bravo Geraldine. Live life and enjoy!!


  10. Hi Selma, Now that I’ve decided to take a ‘veggie’ break I now need to put it into action LOL!!! The computer still lures me to it, when I’m at home it seems. Love to see what’s going on at my various fav. blog stops. Once in a while I even get something productive done, such as deleting/moving over 200 emails this a.m. How that sent folder stacks up if we aren’t careful, eh!!! 😉

    Hi Carrie, You’ve got that right, blogging will still be on the agenda, just not so much of. Now if the cats would only allow me to work on my crochet projects more, I could start really making some headway on my book project. I am very excited about that, just need to find ‘feline-yarn-free’ time, any suggestions? Does Hez work with you when you knit?

    Hi Ruinwen, You are such a dear. Thanks for all your kind comments and support. And DO keep posting, love to stop in.

    Hi Sallee, We aren’t going toooo far, just making time for other things. In fact, Mr. C is featured prominently over at MPP with his very own ODE!!! Ms. M. is demanding equal time, Im workin’ on it!

    Hi Sheep, One of life’s mysteries, how do you gals find time to do the ‘ravelry thing’ among all your gazillion other pursuits? I’ll be stopping by Sheep’s place, that’s for sure and huggs back to both of you.

    Hi Gemma, Great to ‘see’ you and do stop by. I will stop in too.

    Hi Beth, Thanks so much and DO KEEP POSTING too, even if its not as often. Sometimes, I think its even more special, reading a ‘catchup’ post, when someone doesn’t blog on a regular basis. Ill be looking forward to yours.

    Hi Jade, So nice you could stop by. I KNOW you are taking a break, hope its going very well and that your move was smooth as can be!

    Hi Diane, What they call winter here in BC is a joke! I’m sorry, that’s all I can call it. No snow to speak of and I’m now hoping we don’t have a repeat of the HOT HOT summer we had last year, here in the Interior. We are missing snow, amazing but true. I guess some of the Prairies never leaves you eh???

    Thanks for all your kind comments and all the friendship and support in the past 2 years. I’ll be around, Huggs, G

  11. Hi G,

    Enjoy your break!

    I know that I want to get out and do things away from the computer, too. It’s spring, and time to be getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather. Big case of Spring Fever here after such a long winter. 🙂

    My neighbor helped me put up the greenhouse a couple days ago…I can’t wait to start growing those organic veggies and then use them in recipies from your book _Not Just For Vegetarians_!! 🙂

  12. Hi thanks for visiting my blog! I’m a bit embarrassed but I haven’t actually used any of the Fitz Patterns yet so I am not sure about the scaling…

  13. Hi G., enjoy your break. (I just took a short unplanned one myself). I’ll miss you at Veggies but will check out your poetry blog instead.

  14. Hi Michelle, Good luck with the gardening. Do stay in touch by email and MPP and I will stop by your blogs too. G

    Hi Moo, Thanks for your visit. I don’t think I’d be using these after seeing the download instructions. It would take a whole lotta’ ink for one pattern I think!

    Hi C, So nice to ‘see’ you again, missed you over at EFG. Hope things are going well.

    Huggs, G 🙂

  15. Gee, I’m sorry you’re leaving or thinking about leaving… Thanks for commenting on my blog. The picture accompanying my “bleeding” poem is from the Internet. 🙂

  16. This is a nice blog, Geraldine. I hope you are enjoying your non-blogging activities.

  17. Test comment, per your post in the support forum. Please feel free to delete.

  18. It wasn’t on this blog Ella, it was on my other one. I have fixed the glitch, thanks!

  19. Then I’ll be sure to check out the other blog. And of course, still browse throught this one!

  20. Hi,

    Hope it all goes well with your new job, and also enjoy the courses. I am a new comer, I just came over from Caroline’s blog because I thought that may have been a little schnauzer you were holding in the picture. We have two miniature schnauzer’s Evan and Elli. I hope you don’t mind if I was trying to peek at the dog.
    Enjoy your break!

  21. Just stopping in to say Hi and to thank all of the continued visitors to Veggies….for your support and comments too. Much appreciated.

    Tom, LOL re: the doggie that wasn’t in the pic, the MITZ will not be impressed but I thought it was a hoot.

    Huggs, Happy Summer and BFN, G 🙂

  22. Geraldine,

    As you may have noticed, I, too, have been less active lately in my blog and writing. Some things, and incidents, and schedule, and time are taking me away from writing. Yes, we sometimes need a moment to be away and cook in our heads new things to write, new thoughts to share, new ideas to grow. We need to rest our hearts so our grounds would be ready to grow new seeds again.

    Have a wonderful break.

    Until your heart sing new songs again.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  23. Thanks Jeques. Your continued support and encouragement at My Poetic Path is so appreciated. Breaks can be so rejuvenating, I totally agree!

    Hugs, G

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