Stressed Out! Keep reading….


Why is it that on our most stressful days we seem to crave a bit of solitude and nature, more than anything?

At least that’s the way it is for me.

This beautiful photo really caught my attention as I looked through the 100’s of choices on flickr, in the category: calm and serene.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to reduce their stress level? Equally important, the enormous and long-term impact that stress has on us: physically, mentally and emotionally.

This quick stress test (see link below ) was quite revealing.

I “scored” in the range: “ok but could do better”. At the end of the quiz, there are scores of articles and resources to check out ; related to your own particular problem areas of stress, based on the quiz.

The Stress Test

Another great resource site/blog for stress management tips, nutritional facts and news updates and many, many realistic positive change suggestions :

Living Stress Free, Naturally, hosted by my talented and knowledgeable blog bud, Michelle.

What is your best stress-relief tip? How often do you follow your own good advice in terms of truly dealing with stress in a proactive way?

My stress-busting tip for the day:

Hug someone you love as soon as you can. And remember, your pets need hugs too!

Sending a big hug to all of you, G πŸ™‚

8 responses

  1. Hi G., it’s a great photo…the reason it’s calming is because THERE ARE NO PEOPLE IN IT. Not that I’m a people hater or anything. πŸ™‚

    I find that yoga is helping my stress level, not just practicing the poses but the whole yoga experience–there are 8 parts or limbs, postures are just one of the limbs. I am learning how to meditate and I hope that will be positive as well.

  2. Thanks for the hug. I agree with caroline, its cuz no people are in it..LOL
    send hugs back at ya!

  3. I don’t manage my stress very well, I’m afraid. But, I do find that spinning is a nice way to get in a little soothing reflection. I remember doing a great deal of it during a short (but terrifying) period of unemployment. It kept me sane!

  4. That picture is really pretty and serene. Nature I find brings me to a different place within and is a good de-stressor. Trips to a lake in a cabin can be revitalizing. Listening to the ocean waves brings a calming feeling. Playing nature sounds brings me to a different level so I can focus on things better.

  5. What a great picture! Can we have Spring first, though….I need to get warm before autumn! LOL

    Thanks for the mention, G! πŸ™‚

    Best stress tip: for immediate stress relief, do qigong. For long term stress reduction and control, set boundaries, and keep them by saying “No” when you need to. Another good way is to budget your time. That seems to be the one thing no one ever has enough of, so use it wisely. πŸ™‚

  6. Hugs to you, too. What a great photo. The colours are so warm and rich. How I would love to sit on one of those benches. According to the stress quiz my stress levels may be endangering my health. I’m going to take up Michelle’s tips and say ‘No’ more often and learn to budget my time. What good advice you have all given.

  7. That bench is calling to me…such a lovely photo. I think it is so relaxing because it shows nature in flux and dealing with it just fine. After all the change of seasons would be very stressful if nature didn’t flow with it. If we could flow like that as our lives change we would be ever mindful and always serene. πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks to all of you for your great tips on stress-busting, just excellent. Now I just have to remind myself to follow them when I’m STRESSED OUT!

    Huggs, G πŸ™‚

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