Hooray for Canada!

Apparently, we led the way in Earth Hour energy savings and accomplishments.

Read more at the Earth Hour site  including events and stats worldwide and the impact of all the global participants during Earth Hour 2008 .

From the Earth Hour site, with a couple of my comments added:

Canada: Thank you for leading the world in Earth Hour!

Earth Hour was a huge success, with early reports indicating that at least 50 million people participated in this global call to action on climate change!  This makes it the largest voluntary power-down event in history.  And it was Canada that led the way, with over 150 cities and towns turning off their lights.  Thank you Canada!

In Toronto, Canada’s flagship Earth Hour city, energy consumption dropped by 8.7 per cent and almost 10,000 people gathered at City Hall to watch Nelly Furtado, The Philosopher Kings and Fefe Dobson play a free concert in the dark.  In all of Ontario, 900 MW of energy was saved, the equivalent of taking over 11,000 cars off the road for one hour.

There were celebrations all across the country and results are still pouring in.  In British Columbia, energy consumption was reduced by 125 MW.  The energy saved in Ontario and British Columbia alone is equivalent to turning off 20.5 million lights. 

Thanks to everyone here in Canada and around the world that participated in the first ever, worldwide Earth Hour!  Your efforts and determination have made this an event to remember and you have sent a very strong message to our government, and governments around the world, that we need to take action on climate change now.

My favorite Canadian city: Toronto

Toronto: lights ON/Wow… so many lights OFF!

Downtown Toronto © Ivy Images
At left, downtown Toronto with lights on. At right, downtown Toronto during Earth Hour.

My ??? Why not Earth Hour, once a month?

Just imagine.     🙂


19 responses

  1. Excellent post. I’m so happy there was such a huge response to Earth Hour, it feels good to know people can come together and agree on something every once in awhile.

  2. Great idea! Maybe if just us bloggers do it once a month it will catch on. Our lights are all out at 8 M-T so we can get up at the wee hours of the am. 🙂

  3. I like the idea of at least once a month Earth Hour!

  4. Hi Ruinwen, I think you are on to something terrif! If I get a few more comments along these lines, I might do a ‘sign up’ for the bloggers who want to participate, I’m in, that’s for sure.

    Or, perhaps you were planning to try this over at your blog, if so, I’ll be signing up there. Let me know. I like it, a lot!

    Thanks for stopping in Christy and Hello Sallee, thanks for all the email news. 🙂

    Huggs, G

  5. Hey why not a Raverly Group dedicated to Earth Hour? Then you’d have more then blog traffic IMHO. Let’s both brainstorm and then get back together and compare notes. 🙂

  6. Hi Ruinwen, That was fast!

    Only thing with that, our non-knitting readers wouldn’t be able to participate, correct? Maybe both options?

    I agree, let’s put on the thinking caps and go for it?

    Any other suggestions from readers, would also be appreciated! 🙂 G

  7. I think it is so great to see people coming together for a common good… I wish I had known about it…

  8. Climate Change denier

    Turning off the lights is not enough. Why not shut down all electricity for an hour so that we can truly celebrate our wonderful motherplanet Gaia. Imagine the satisfaction that that would bring her. We could light bonfires in our houses and sing praises to Gaia. We would strike fear into the heart of every climate change denier by our spontaneous festivities.

  9. Hooray, Canada! I did not do my part to help out California, I’m sad to say. I completely forgot about Earth Hour. In fact, I think I got home from work right around 8pm and and flipped on the TV. Next time though!

    No bonfires in my house though. The books and yarn would torch the neighborhood.

  10. Geraldine, thanks for keeping the momentum going.


  11. Hi Gemma, I am sure this will not be a one time event. So many people I’ve spoken too did not know about it and want to participate, next time.

    Hi CC, That would certainly get attention but I don’t think bonfires inside would be the best idea for positive publicity.
    Gaia would understand, I’m sure. 😉

    Hi Carrie, I hear ya, the kitties are not fire retardant, that’s for sure. LOL

    Hi Diane, This is so in keeping with my beliefs that we can make huge changes happen, one person at a time x millions. Thanks.

    Glad you all stopped in. Happy Earth Hour 2 (and 3…..) G

  12. That’s great…..Congratulations to Canada! 🙂

  13. Very impressive indeed! It is amazing how much can be gained with everyone giving a little.

  14. Wow, those two photos say it all! If major cities like Toronto can do it, then there is no reason why other cities can’t follow.

  15. I’m glad Canada was successful; I would’ve like to see more visibility of this event in the US as in other parts of the world. This is a good way to bring awareness to a big problem. Wouldn’t it be great to see more people, governments, and organizations making conscious efforts to use less electricity on a daily level instead of once a year!

  16. impressive results on Earth Hour! A good next step would be to get all offices to switch off their lights when they’re empty as well asto have Earth Hour once a month

  17. Hi Michelle, A pat on the head for all the Canucks who participated eh! 😉

    Hi Cricket, I couldn’t agree more.

    Hi Renate, Welcome to Veggies….yes, it does say it all!

    Hi Caroline, I think that this event could have been a lot more successful, if people had known about it. So many many people I’ve spoken with, didn’t know about it, until afterwards. Why were the newspapers telling this story, the day after? 😦

    Hi Crafty Poet, Yes, we’ve been tossing that idea around in Blogland, re: the once a month. What do you think, would you make the committment? I know I would. Now, we need to get organized and just DO IT!!!!

    Huggs and thanks so much for stopping by, G 🙂

  18. WOW we are pretty impressive!
    (pats self on back)
    I live in BC and knew that we had a lot of people participating..love that…
    YES once a month would be great, and everywhere(including empty offices..)

  19. We participated too 🙂 My son thought it was so cool to sit in the dark with the only light being from candles!
    I was pleased to look out over the town and see so many homes in darkness, but at the same time sort of surprised at the number still lit up.

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