Stash-busting,Sedge Stitch and a wee bit of Snow!

So far, 2008 has been a good year (ok, I know it’s only been January, LOL) for using up materials I already have on hand; in particular my ahhhhem….rather extensive yarn stash.

 In the past couple of weeks I’ve been able to finish up several projects, happily all made from my stash yarns.

I was also able to incorporate my new fav. crochet stitch, namely ‘sedge’. Previously featured in this recent post, featuring a gorgeous washcloth pattern .

BTW, these have NOT actually been used as washcloths yet, just can’t bring myself to even put them in the bathroom so far, LOL!!!

I digress…..  My gorgeous (if I may say so myself! )  Bulky Lopi Throw is now completed:


Ain’t it purrrrrty???   🙂

And the photos of the throw shows the actual color much more authentically than this pic. below.

Here’s the specs. (in a nutshell) in case you’d like one for yourself (Mr. Cheddar certainly wants this one, the fringe at least LOL)!!!!

Sedge Stitch Throw:

Size: 40″ x 50″ excluding fringe

I used 12 balls of Bulky Lopi in Cordovan  for the throw and 1 (plus a bit) ball for the fringe.

Chain 66 on a large (size S ) hook .

I’m guessing on the size of the hook, as it’s not marked on this giant plastic one! Why do the manufacturers do that? I have several other hooks that also aren’t marked! I’ve had this one for a long time so no packaging to refer to either. It does seem to match up with  S Hook actual size photos though.

Not a biggie for throws though, it’s all about what size stitches you personally like, how much yarn you have on hand (and of course, important to remember, crochet does take quite a bit more yarn than knitting).

Work sedge stitch until length is approximately 50 inches (width was 40″ for mine).

 Cut 18″ lengths for fringe, fold in half and attach in four’s to each end of throw with an overhand knot (I used 23 sets of  fringes on each end) for a nice luxurious finish and feel. Trim fringes and you are good to go!!!

I’m thinking this will be a great throw for snuggling under, while reading, napping and natch….more crocheting and knitting too!

Still on sedge stitch, I’ve also made a few dishcloths from some crafter’s cotton I had on hand. These, I have been using! Nice and sturdy too, not like some dishcloths that fall apart after a wash or three….

How I love Apple Green! Makes me think of spring.   🙂

On to some knitting…Finished my January charity knitting project, these child-sized mittens:

Again, stash yarns. Combined two worsted-weight yarns: a plain red with a gold tweedy blend and finished up with these bright, warm mittens.

This month’s charity project will be the hat to match. Thanks to Mary Anne via her blog Miss Woolly Knits, I’ve found a very easy and easy-fitting hat to make for all sizes and age groups. So, I will be making a child-sized hat in these same two yarns to complete the set.

Nice to keep on track with my goal of one charity project a month. A small goal perhaps, but by December I will have 12 items or more to donate to a shelter for those in need. It all helps, doesn’t it? I continue to be amazed and inspired to see so many bloggers who charity-knit and crochet on a  regular basis. Great work and so much appreciated, I’m sure.

Will finish off with a single snow pic. taken earlier this week. I had hoped to have several to share but the beautiful fluffy snow sadly melted away much too soon. Here in BC, the weather changes very quickly. I guess I will have to be faster on the camera/walk next time.

It’s certainly not like the Prairie winters we are use to, where snow lasts waaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooo long! Speaking of the Canadian Prairies, it’s been minus 50C there with the windchill for several days this past week. Now that kind of winter I don’t miss at all, LOL!!!

Worst Prairie winter I can remember…Several years ago, including a week of MINUS 70C weather,with the windchill.

 I kid you not!

But, we still drove, went to work, carried on….. I even had a ride in a fire truck that particular week (sirens optional LOL) after interviewing the fire chief for a freelance story I was writing for the local paper.My car battery had turned into a block of ice in the hour I had been at the fire station! The firemen kindly delivered me safely home to my door, in their toasty warm truck.

Ya gotta be tough to be a Prairie person!!!   😉

Wishing you all a week of abundance and good news

11 responses

  1. That picture of the snow is very nice. I visited Canada some years back and was amazed at how much snow there was. And also as you say that people carried on with their day it seemed with ease.. The snow was piled so high!!! It is pretty to see. The one down side as an adult is the shoveling… 😦 But it is nice when it is falling from the sky and all you see is a the white shiny snow..
    And your knitting looks very nice. I do not knit but it is evident from the pics of your work that you take pride in your projects.


  2. Can’t believe that much snow melted already. Here it would be around for months, literally. When I lived in Colorado it was like that, 14 inches of snow and poof, gone in 2 days. That’s the best kind of snow, fluffy champagne powder.

    The throw is REALLY pretty.

  3. That last picture looks like my street…. my driveway even!…. snow, snow, snow! It’s at least eight inches deep in the driveway, and that’s after shoveling out last Tuesday.

    Love that purple throw…totally snuggly and warm, I’m sure!

    Those pretty greens are so refreshing and spring-like! 🙂

  4. I like your goal of “one charity project per month.” In my area, I can participate in the local food banks with the “plant a row for hunger” program. The idea is to plant an extra row in the vegetable garden for produce that can go to the food bank. I’d like to make a goal for myself this growing season to bring in some vegetables at least once per month… certainly the garden won’t have any trouble producing.

  5. Thank you for you kind words on my blog. I love your sedge stitch throw. What a great idea for face cloths/ dish cloths too!

  6. Hi GN, I love snow and actually, if done in moderation shovelling is a great exercise, so there’s a plus side to that too. It’s snowing again here today so I’m definitely going to try for some more snow pics to share!

    Hi C, I couldn’t believe it either, we aren’t use to ‘disappearing’ snow yet LOL. Glad you like the throw.

    Hi M, Lots of snow there eh (I’m guessing NOT CA!!! LOL) Thanks for the compliments too.

    Hi JL, Do you ever sleep???? What a busy person you are and what a nice idea to save some of the harvest on a regular basis, for those in need. Look forward to seeing more garden news on your blog…it won’t be long now, spring is on it’s way!

    Hi Ruinwen, I was always intrigued by your name, out there in Blogland. When I noted the great cat-knit book on Sallee’s today (I want one too!!!) via your kindness, thought I should stop by. Glad I did. Thanks for your kind words too.

    Hope you all are having a wonderful day, Hugggs, G 🙂

  7. Beautiful throw, G! Love the color. ;D
    A friend of mine devotes one whole month per year to charity knitting, February, I think… it’s a good idea, too.

  8. Your projects all look terrific! I love that throw and the color is beautiful! And your mittens are great! I like the two yarns together. I haven’t crocheted in a while, but I may try one of those dishcloths. I have a friend who wants some and it would be fun to crochet one.

  9. I love the throw and the cloths and the mittens you’ve made, Geraldine. Just lovely. and that snow photo is so yummy (I love snow pictures).

  10. Hi Cynthia, Thanks for the compliments. I agree, re: charity knitting, what a wonderful way to use our talents to help others. I just finished another hat for charity today and starting another one, very soon.

    Hi Beth, Thanks for all your compliments too! Do try crocheting, you’ll love it! It’s my fav yarn craft, I seem to get so much more done, a lot quicker, with a hook LOL!!!

    Hi MaryAnne, Thanks a bunch. I agree re: the snow and pics, more of those on the way soon!!! Bring it on, the snow I mean, it’s too early for the spring melt-down.

    Thanks for stopping by, Huggs, G 🙂

  11. lovely throw and I really like those dish cloths. Apple Green in anything is a favourite of mine so naturally I love that perky touch of green!


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