10 Fav. Food Photos, plus…..

As one of my numerous new year’s projects, I’ve been trying to sort through and tidy up my many, many…. files, emails and photos online.

Thought it might be fun to pick out my 10 fav. food photos (from the ones I’ve personally taken of my own recipes, since I started blogging) and turn it into a post.

So, here are the tasty results. I’ve included links to each of the recipes too, in case a particular photo or two inspires you to head to the kitchen! Do let me know if that’s the case.

A big thanks to Jade over at Applejade for helping me figure out the photo imprint ???’s  I had fun playing with the Microsoft’s ‘bucket of paint’ yesterday too, LOL!

 Happy cooking and wishing you all an abundant week!    🙂

Quick and Easy Zucchini Stir-Fry

 Russian Beet Borscht

 Bread-machine Rosemary Flax Buns

Marinated Bean Salad

Summer’s Bounty, Veg and Herb Soup

Yummy Mac and Cheese, with a Twist

 Veggie Pizza Scones

Simple Pleasures: Tea, Homemade Jam and Toast 

Mushroom Stroganoff with Herbed Pasta

Another Great Potato Soup and Potato Scones

12 responses

  1. You just HAD to go and make me even hungrier, didn’t you?

  2. Oh yum. I see Potato Soup & Scones in my near future along with Pizza scones. Nice round up of recipes!

  3. Yum! All of those look so good! I like your banner photo.

  4. Beautiful and yummy photos, Geraldine!
    I almost licked my monitor ^.^

  5. Oh now I am just starving!!! Such yummy looking food…

  6. Everything looks so delicious. Why oh why did I click on this post. I’ve been craving something with rice and I’ve made a similar dish with zucchini fresh from the garden. My daughter loved it.

  7. Hi JL, The recipes are waiting….time to get cooking!!! 🙂

    Hi Carrie, Hope you enjoy the soup and scones. The potato soup is always a fav….great on a cold winter day (like we are having today here in BC, snow, snow and more snow!)

    Hi Beth, Thought a bit of ‘summer’ with the Mitz would brighten things up a bit.

    Hi Mary Anne, Then I guess I did a good job with the photos, that’s the kind of effect I always like to have….sticking in a fork or spoon might be a thought too LOL….just kiddin’ 😉

    Hi Sheep, Thanks….easy fix on the hunger, head for the kitchen now (put down those knitting needles first ok)!!!

    Hi Opal, Thanks for the kind words!

    Happy Cooking and BFN, G 🙂

  8. Photographing food is quite the challenge. Professional photographers spend a bundle to do it in the studio. You do a very nice job of it.

    My vote for best photo goes to the zucchini dish but the dish that sounds the best to me at the moment is the mac & cheese!

  9. Everything looks great and it’s almost lunchtime…unfortunately, I’m at work, not home!

  10. I served the mushroom stroganoff for dinner when a friend came over…it was just terriffic!

  11. Hi Caroline, Thanks for the compliments! I love cooking but I also love photographing the results (when they are looking gooooood LOL). They are both very creative processes.

    Hi Sallee, Perhaps some inspiration for supper instead?

    Hi Michelle, Glad to hear the mushroom stroganoff was a hit. It’s one of our quick recipe favs!

    Thanks for stopping by, G 🙂

  12. A very nice job on the photographs… A well taken photo can indeed be a food enticer.. It is also nice to see what a recipe is suppose to look like when it is done..


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