Goodbye 2007…and Happy New Year !

 Transition time……

Wow, is it really already the end of 2007???

Amazing, at least to me. Somewhere, somehow ‘they’ speed up the clocks, once you pass 40; that’s the only explanation that makes sense….where does the time go?

I’ve been reading the blogs, checking out the resolution posts such as: Sallee’s, Michelle’s and Jade’s.  All very inspiring and thought-provoking, thanks for all of the good advice!!!          🙂

I am very much in favor of resolutions and goal-setting. Even though it might be hard sometimes to keep them, it does give some kind of guidepost and strategy, when facing what to strive for, in any new year. And every year becomes more precious, doesn’t it? Time is always ticking away, it’s important to make the most of it. So, without further delay….


My resolutions for 2008, in no particular order…..

* Have MORE fun and PLAN ahead to make that possible.  Worry and obsess less, accept what can be changed and what cannot. (this one in itself could change everything!!!)

* Exercise on a regular basis. Keep it simple and fun but also consistent and progressive. No exercise = less energy and more health issues. I’m all for being healthy and I want to stay that way! Also to consciously think about my food choices and try to ‘make it from scratch’ if at all possible. Think organic, home-grown, home-baked and delish!!!

* By the end of 2008, finish one of my cookbook projects now in progress. Probably the revised, updated and expanded version of NJFV.

* Try to let go of the past. Learn from failures and mistakes but don’t dwell on them. Focus on each new day, like a new canvas, ready for paint and inspiration. Make the most of the day and each moment as it comes.

* Cherish the people who count, slough off the people who don’t.

* Honor the memories of those already passed. But also, remembering the words of my dear mom….’We are here to live our lives on this earth for now and we are suppose to live fully while we are here.’

Some days, I do have a  bad habit of dwelling on the losses and sorrows and memories that only make me sad. Mom, I’ll really try to do better. But know you are with me every day and always in my thoughts and in my heart.’

* Continue to improve on my own small but significant efforts to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable and eco-friendly place for now and into the future. This is a legacy that we must all work on. Time is really ticking at an alarming rate in this respect and the ‘big boys’ are certainly not doing much to make things better. Small steps x millions of people = Amazing results!!!

Well…..I guess that’s a pretty good start to 2008 and a realistic list and one I can stick to. What do you think????


I also re-read this ‘to-don’t list’ from a previous post, still relevant and still things I’m working on. Worth an encore here I think…..

My ‘To Don’t’ List (in no particular order of importance)

-I  won’t  obsess about things beyond my control

-I won’t expect to get through more work than is reasonable for today

-I won’t assume that something bad is going to happen, if the day seems to be going too well

-I won’t let negative or petty people drag me down

-I won’t justify my actions to people whom I don’t owe an explanation to.

What are your thoughts on resolutions and goal lists? Are you writing yours down or just keeping them in mind?

Wishing you all the good things in 2008!!!!   Huggs, G      🙂

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11 responses

  1. Great list, G! Right now I’m formulating knitting goals, but I’m considering also setting some home improvement goals. I never seem to do well with personal goals (like exercising, eating better, not letting things pile up, etc.).

  2. I always sort of panic on New Year’s Eve…I’m so bad with resolutions! I usually have forgotten about them by March.

    But, you’re right. They can really help give some guidance as we work towards being happier people. Have a Happy, Happy New Year! And best of luck with meeting your goals.

  3. Happy new year, Geraldine. I hope it’s a great one for you.

  4. hello happy new year 2008

  5. misswoollyknits

    Happy new year Geraldine and all the best for 2008.

  6. Hi G., very well thought out resolutions–I”m really impressed. Ashamed to say that I haven’t even considered any for myself. Just the usual, trying to get more exercise and to eat better. Your post reminded & inspired me to think more carefully about what I want to achieve this year and to make some goals. Happy new year to you, Joe & the kitties!

  7. I think you’ve thought long and well on your plans for the new year! It’s hard sometimes to move beyond, but it IS what we’re supposed to do (I have to keep reminding myself, too!)

    Onward to a better year!

  8. Happy New Year toyou and the Mitz!!!

  9. Happy New Year to you too! Those sound like some great resolutions- I hope that you accomplish all of them and perhaps even more. 🙂

  10. Hi Beth, And I have enjoyed reading your goals and projects to follow! Wow, impressive…. 🙂

    Hi Sheep, I think most people do let their resolutions slid a bit as the year progresses but heh, even 1 or 2 ‘biggies’ can make a huge difference, if you stick to them, right?

    Hi Dawn, And to you too. I know you’ve had more than your share of sorrows in the past year…me too. Here’s to happiness and peace in 2008.

    Hi Yassine and Mary Anne, And to both of you too! 🙂

    Hi C, Much appreciated compliments, thanks a lot. I don’t know how impressive my list is but I did contemplate my resolutions and goals quite a while. I am going to make a real effort to stick with them too.

    Hi Sallee, Thanks for your insights and your inspirations too, which were so helpful to read.

    Hi UV, And to you and yours too. We have another kitty now, Mr. Cheddar so I will include him in your best wishes.

    Hi Bittersweet, Thanks for stopping by. LOVE your avatar photo…your blog is tres interesting too.

    Happy, Happy 2008 and good luck with your own resolution lists! Huggs, G

  11. Hi G,

    Resolutions….well, I will continue to do my best to live in harmony with universal energies (called “cultivating” in Daoism).

    I also will be concentrating on creating prosperity in my business, so will be putting a lot of energy into that.


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