From the needles,hook and kitchen!!!

Well, I FINALLY have some finished projects to share with all of you!

I’ve gotten into bad habit of finishing all the pieces for a particular knit or crochet project, then piling them up and taking forever to sew them together.

With Christmas just around the corner and some gifts still to complete, thought I better get moving and ‘bite the bullet’. So, this past couple of days, started to sew some of them up!!! My fav. saying: ‘The best way to begin is to begin’….yeah, like I have to keep reminding myself! LOL

Speaking of sewing up projects, is there anyone who really enjoys this part of knitting or crocheting? There are now companies that will sew up crafter’s projects (for a hefty price I’m guessing)  so it appears that it’s a pretty widespread ‘hate to do it but have to’ kind of thing. Sort of like cleaning or going to the dentist eh??? LOL

What about you, do you finish a project right away or leave it to languish a bit before taking up the sewing needle?

 So, without further delay. First, from the hook….

My first pair of mittens for charity, these should keep someone’s hands toasty and warm, made with a beautiful Lopi yarn:

I actually like making mittens. As is the case with socks, I never made any before this past couple of years but they really are a fun small project. I plan to make at least one set of mittens or a scarf, each month in the coming year, to donate to charity. Compared to some of the amazing crafting contributors I read about on several blogs, I guess 12 or so items isn’t a whole lot but at least I know it is a committment I will be able to keep.

On to the needles….

I had mentioned before my frustration with not being able to find a suitable hat/toque pattern for Joe. Well, with a bit of adjusting (I actually used 3 different patterns, a bit from each one’s instructions), I was able to make this set for him, in a chunky wool blend variegated yarn. Looks pretty nice really, the photo is a bit fuzzy but that’s just me shaking the camera LOL! Best of all, looks like the hat will fit just fine. It was amazing the patterns I tried(and then frogged…) that looked like they were made for a small child’s head, instead of a grown man!!!   

(photo now available)

I know…. it’s out of….. ahhhem….Lion Brand Homespun but gee, it really is soft and plushy and nice! Especially in this broken rib pattern.  Only change I made to this pattern was finishing all the edges with a single crochet row, to keep the sweater from stretching.

I debated about the buttons, what do you think? Too much of a contrast or a nice touch? These are a pewter  brushed finish button that I’ve had in my notion stash for several years. I thought I’d give them a try on this sweater. This is another stash that  I am seriously trying to downsize.   😉

Again, the photo doesn’t do this project justice. The yarn reminds me of crushed berries, it’s so pretty. Now I have to figure out what to wear with this new cardigan. I’m thinking maybe a denim skirt and a black tee underneath the sweater.

I’ve got a few more items to finish up soon. Now that I’ve started to put them together, I feel like it’s the incentive I needed to keep on sewing. It really is nice to see the finished results. I love the process of making different items but it’s also great to be able to wear them or give them away, that’s really fun too.

On  out to the kitchen…..

Bright and Bold Carrot Hummus, one of the prize-winning recipe in the 2006 NJFV Recipe Contest:

This yummy spread/dip recipe post from the archives, has been getting a lot of clicks lately. A healthier appetizer (great with veggies, multi-grain crackers or mini-pitas) to bring to a party or to include with your Christmas menu. I never get enough of this recipe. It’s simple, very colorful and delicious. That’s my kind of recipe!   

Wishing you all a wonderful week. See you in Blogland!      🙂

13 responses

  1. Wow! You have been busy! Everything looks lovely, and the hummus looks yummy!!!
    Would you email me Geraldine? I do not have your current address, but mine is on my blog on the sidebar!

  2. Beautiful items, Geraldine! Warm and cozy, just what is needed around here today!!

    I usually have to finish a project right away because it’s a gift for someone. That helps keep me on track. 🙂

    If it’s an item for us and I don’t finish it right away, it disappears into the back of a closet and is never seen again! LOL

    The hummus is making me hungry….. 🙂

  3. Oh, who cares what the yarn is as long as it’s comfy! It looks pretty and I like those buttons but will they stay fastened?

    Cute mittens and hats and that spread/dip sounds delish.

  4. Wow! You have been busy!! I love the sweater. It looks so warm and toasty. And the buttons? Wonderful!

  5. Alas, knitting and crocheting have always been a bit beyond my skills… but someday, I’ll have to sit down and give them a try. I’m always jealous of those knitters who have something to do on long flights. 😉

    As for the carrot hummus – now THAT’S my speed! I’m salivating just thinking about it…

    Thank G,

  6. Hi Sallee, Thanks for the compliments! The photography is certainly not my best effort but in living color, these do look pretty darn good. 😉

    Hi M, Thanks and yes, I agree warm and cozy is the order of the day, it’s snowing like crazy here today!!! The hummus is delish, do give it a whirl….

    Hi Carrie, Thanks for stopping by. I agree, I’m no yarn snob and I am very pleased with the results of this sweater. I just need to take a better pic. of it!!!

    Hi Sheep, Yes, very toasty! The buttons alas…will have to be replaced, Carrie was right, they are NOT staying done up and NO its not ’cause I fill out the sweater LOL…they are just not workable with this loose knit.

    Hi JL, Given all your other talents, Im sure knitting and crocheting would not be too much for you to learn. VERY relaxing pursuits….meditative actually. And not just on long flights. The hummus is delicious and a GORGEOUS color. I love this photo I took during the contest. It makes me hungry too.

    Stay warm, Huggs, G 🙂

  7. Your projects all look terrific! I think the mittens are very cute and will make someone warm and happy. And Joe’s hat looks great! That’s too bad the buttons didn’t work out on your pretty sweater. It looks nice and warm.

  8. Oops, I forgot to say that I love the picture of the icy pine needles at the top of your blog!

  9. Lots of beautiful finished goodies and I love the cropped cardigan.

  10. Hope you are doing good in BC.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2008

  11. Hi Beth, Thanks for the compliments! I love seeing finished projects on other blogs (incl. yours!) so it was nice to have some to share. Still button hunting and I agree, too bad the ‘stars’ didn’t work out. The header pic is courtesy of Jade over at Brain Ripples, I just love it!!! Ice can be beautiful too. 😉

    Hi Mary Anne, Thanks for the compliments too, lousy photo but this cardigan really did turn out well.

    Hi Jackie, And same to you and your family! Hope you will be back to blogging soon. Miss your posts.

    Happy Holidays….Huggs, G

  12. Hi,

    I love Hummus and this recipes looks great.. I will save it and give it a try. Thanks for posting.. Happy holidays..


  13. Very creative!!! I wish I knew how to knit. May be that will be my next adventure! Right now I’m playing with soaps and making lotions. Have a great Christmas!

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