(Still) Yearning for the Yukon….


In December 2006, we had just moved from our home province of Saskatchewan (on the Canadian Prairies) to Whitehorse, Yukon.

Unfortunately, we faced a number of personal hardships(not related to our move) while in the Yukon which took away from fully enjoying our experience there. Long story….things did get better, but very hard to face at the time.

On the plus side though, Whitehorse and the Yukon left many lasting memories that Joe and I still treasure:

*The absolute quiet and tranquility we enjoyed and often only minutes away from the downtown core.

*The extraordinary beauty of the Yukon (similar to BC but at the same time different. To be there is to understand).

*The incredible, everchanging skies. The horizon so tangible.

*Feeling more in tune with nature .

*Being ‘North of 60’ brings it’s own unique experience to those who go there. Again, to be there is to understand. Feeling like you are in a different, separate world from the rest of the country.

*The friendly, gentle Inuit people. Part of why Yukon is famous for it’s hospitality.

* Whitehorse is relatively safe too (we never had a bad encounter with anyone there) and that is definitely getting harder to find, especially in cities. A welcome change from living in Saskatchewan.  Regina and Saskatoon (Sask.) have shared the dubious  ‘distinction’ in both of these cities  as  Canadian crime capital, for several years.

*Seeing a part of the world that most people never do.

*The absolutely crystal clear drinking water, straight from the tap!!! Truly delicious.

So many people we met there made the comment that they had come to the Yukon many years (often 20 or more) before, perhaps headed south a time or two along the way, but the Yukon always called them back.

I understand what they meant, now. I would be happy to go back; obviously without the challenges that we had, at that time.

Here are some photos and links of our time in Whitehorse and travelling along the way:

The ‘big bird’, getting ready to leave Vancouver.

Ironically I thought, considering the time of year and flying straight North, this was the smoothest flight I have ever taken in my life and I’ve taken quite a few. Air North’s service was fantastic!

When we arrived in Whitehorse, a perfect stranger offered us a ride into the city as there were no taxis readily available. Our first taste of the friendly True North hospitality.

Our dear Mitzi, ready for take-off. She did great!!!!

And of course, she was a big hit with the passengers and crew. Her little nose was wetter than usual…sigh!

Joe, also ready for take-off. His first time moving from the Prairies!!!

This was a real adventure for him.

Our first stop in Whitehorse, The Yukon Inn.

Of note, this hotel had a fireplace (complete with a beautiful Christmas tree) in the lobby specifically there for people to come in and warm up!

 Nice touch, I thought .

The Alaskan Highway, running through Whitehorse.

Main Street, Whitehorse.

One of the prettiest downtown areas I have ever seen.

Many preserved heritage buildings and beautiful well-designed new ones.

Very clean and well-maintained streets and sidewalks.

Whitehorse has a population of approximately 24,000.

The Whitehorse Star building (the daily newspaper)

Yours truly, bundled up, enjoying a walk in the snow!

The Yukon Log ‘Skyscraper’Another unique heritage building. Includes a gift shop and a couple of apartments.

One of the many beautiful painted murals adding to the beauty and charm of Whitehorse.

Inscription on this downtown statue reads:

‘This statue is dedicated to all those who follow their dreams’

Tourist attraction, at the end of Main Street.

This railway provides service in the area (all the way up to Alaska) during the summer months.

A very tall, wooden mountie, in front of the High Country Inn.

Nightfall comes early in December. This photo was taken just after 3:30 in the afternoon!

Hope you enjoyed this Northern cyber-tour! 😉

14 responses

  1. misswoollyknits

    This was a fascinating trip through an area I’ve never visited, but would love to one day. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! Those are some amazing pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing them. I have never seen that part of the world and it makes me wonder why I don’t travel more…

  3. So glad to see these pictures, what an interesting story. It looks really beautiful up there…I’m sure it’s a different world that I can only imagine.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing your pictures! It looks like a great place to visit.

  5. Hi MaryAnne, It truly is worth the trip ‘due North’ to see what the Yukon is all about. Do fly Air North if you go from BC, it is a great airline. We were very pleased with the service (and Mitz was too!!!)

    Hi Sheep, I think you would really love the Yukon. With all the airline routes now, hopefully with good connections, it’s not that far away. A far cry from how it was many years ago when a trip to the North was a major undertaking. We’d love to see all the states, that’s on our travel wish list!

    Hi C, It truly is a different world. The ‘feeling’ of being in a very separate environment, part of Canada but so unique.

    Hi Beth, Glad you liked the tour, albeit a bit late. 😉

    Huggs and thanks for stopping by, G

  6. Hi,
    The pictures are wonderful, your cat is cute.



  7. The pics are fantastic. What you said reminds me of a friendlier time when you could go shopping for a few hours and leave your door unlocked and not worry about burglers. I’ll bet you can still do that in Whitehorse! 🙂

  8. Hey Geraldine,

    Great pictures!! We live in Mississippi – yesterday it was around75 degrees here – some warm front from the Gulf keeping us too hot. Anyway we seldom see snow here – people go crazy when they do it’s so rare. Thanks for the pics – Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. Hi GN, Thanks for the kind words. Hope you are enjoying your new journey as a vegan. There is a lot more to it than just selecting certain foods to eat. I applaud your efforts.

    Hi Michelle, I thought I would never leave doors unlocked but I knew quite a few people in Whitehorse who didn’t bother. Unfortunately, it only takes one ‘bad apple’ to cause serious problems. Glad you liked the pics, it was fun to look through them again, for me, too!! 🙂

    Hi Barry, Wow, that is warm weather, too warm I agree. The climate change is certainly accelerating at an alarming rate, very noticeable now (except to the politicians it seems).

    Thanks for stopping by, Happy Holidays, G

  10. Thanks for the tour. My person says she was there once – many years ago. But there wasn’t any snow on the ground when she went.

  11. Yes, I DID enjoy the tour but had to grab a blanket before reading to the end. We are in a cold freeze here, the worst by 5 degrees since I believe 1968. Brrrr.
    You didn’t mention temperatures. How would you compare them? Even to Saskatchewan?

  12. It looks so lovely and pristine. Thanks for sharing your photos. 🙂

  13. Hi Bongo, It’s not like some people still picture the North, Bongo. The Yukon has lovely, temperate summers with lots of sunshine. It certainly isn’t frozen over, all year. 😉 Did your human stay there long or just visit?

    Hi Tess, We were there for about 6 months before a family emergency, among other things brought us back to the Prairies and on to BC where we live right now.

    The winter weather in Yukon was for me, just perfect. Lots of snow, yes some cold, windy days but lots of sunshine to go with it so that was fine too.

    I haven’t been in the Yukon during the summer and that’s something I’m looking forward too. The Land of the Midnight Sun has days mid-summer that are very long, filled with sunshine. People golf at midnight apparently, around that time, isn’t that a hoot!

    I’m not sure where you live Tess. what temps are you enduring right now? Keep those warm woollies handy my friend! 😉

    Hi Imelda, So glad you enjoyed the tour. The Yukon IS pristine. We were very impressed by that. A priority to keep it that way too, for most people there it seems and that’s wonderful. Unfortunately not the case, in so many places it seems. 😦

    Happy Mid-Week, G

  14. I did enjoy the tour. Great narrative and pictures and gave it a feel of ‘down home’, cozy, and friendly, and wishing to visit it, too. I love the provinces in Canada I have been to. Would like to see more one day.

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