NJFV Cookbook Sale and a Contest too!

 For the month of November, Not Just for Vegetarians will be on sale, 1/2 price for U.S. and Canadian orders.

Read all the details at: NJFV Cookbook Sale (at the top of this page)  and do spread the word.


And now for the contest….

Send in your favorite holiday recipe (just the name/title of the recipe for now, as a comment to this post).

Two random winners will be chosen on November 10th and the winning recipes will then be posted, for all to enjoy.

Desserts, savory snacks, sides…whatever you like. Only criteria, please make it a vegetarian or vegan choice and one that you have created and tested yourself (no copyright infringements please). Traditional holiday family favorites are fine!!! And of course, those shouldn’t be too hard to find!!!    

The two winners will each receive a signed copy of Not Just for Vegetarians.

Looking forward to your holiday recipe suggestions.

Happy Cooking !     🙂

2 responses

  1. And, as a proud owner of this book, I can say it is worth a contest entry! Good, good stuff in here for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!!!

  2. I may try to think of something appropriate. I’m hindered by not being vegetarian (although plenty of the things we eat are) and by not being much of a recipe-follower for traditional, simple holiday food. I mean, I could share my family’s “recipe” for baked carrots, but how useful is “Grease a casserole dish. Throw in some bite-sized pieces of carrot. Sprinkle on some dill seed. Bake.”?

    We’re more adventurous when it’s not our big holiday meal.

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