Sleeping Beauty…..(ok Handsome!)

This is not a common sight; not during the day anyways.  

Mr. Cheddar, catching a few zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s before continuing his pursuit of the aloof Ms. Mitz. He is determined to win her heart. The Mitz however is adamant, it ain’t gonna happen!!!

Sure hope they get to be pals soon. He is such a nice guy, I really don’t know how the Mitz can resist him….

Any suggestions on bringing a new feline into the household? I’ve never had this problem before. After a few days of adjustment, every feline I had in the past was already, ‘one of the gang’…. curled up together, content and happy. 

 Headbonks to all the felines out there and have a great day!       🙂

5 responses

  1. What a beauty he is!
    Advice? Slow slow slow. I’m still having some problems with the Calico Curmudgeon and The Meezer.

    The Blonde Bombshell was the buffer between them and now that she’s gone, they are at odds.

    Except when it’s cold.

    But don’t think that means the CC really has accepted Meeze…not on your life.

    They know they have to be polite, or I give stern rebukes and neither one wants to be on my bad side…the term “bad cat” is used. They don’t like it!

    OH…and don’t reinforce bad behavior. I completely ignore one or the other when she’s naughty to her housemate.

  2. My two hate each other. No bones about it and no hope of them ever getting past it. They have learned to coexist and this is the best I’ll ever hope for. We still have the occasional skirmish, but they generally give each other a wide berth.

    I think that Persephone might be open to being buddies…but she is also pretty content with tormenting her older, but smaller sister.

    Not what I envisioned, but they are who they are. At least they don’t fight all night any more!

  3. They look so sweet when they are sleeping… 😀
    By the way, you’ve been tagged.

  4. My two girls, Simba & Scout, hated each other from the moment Scout came into the fold. Tiny, the boy, is friends with both the girls though. But none of the cats really cuddle up with each other or play like what we hoped would happen. We’ve come around to not being disappointed that they’re not lovey-dovey with each other–as long as they don’t fight!

  5. Thanks for the advice! As of this a.m. still no truce in sight but the hissing and wrestling has slowed down. Im still hoping for cuddling and play-time. Probably won’t happen I guess. 😦

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