Happy Happy Feet :<)

 Finally got around to finishing a couple of small projects that were in the works waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. Here are the finished results:

 I made these crochet Hexagon Boot Slippers with a worsted weight cotton. I really like the colors and they feel so comfy to wear!!! Only adjustment I made, I took a hint from some plush booties I had and put a elastic cording through to pull in the ankle a bit. It looked too sloppy without it.

On to knitting……

  I now have a copy of this (cover photo unavailable) sock book and am eyeing several possibilities in it. Any suggestions from all of you sock experts ???Any mistakes to look out for in this book?  

 I am just dazzled by all the great results I see out there in Blogland! 

These are my first pair of Super Simple  ‘real socks’ made on dpn’s!!! It took a while to get a handle on working with the 4 SHORT needles at once (never tried before, in spite of knitting/crocheting for over 20 years) but now…. I can understand why so many people like to knit socks. It was challenging but fun.  Next pair, plan to try a bit more of a challenge in terms of patterns though, gotta keep up the progress, right?  

And of course, the final inspection and meow from the Mitz. Thankfully, she gave these the Paws Up!!!!


10 responses

  1. Your Hexagon Boot Slippers coordinate with your blog! 🙂 They do look comfy. And your socks look great, too. They’re a very pretty color.

    I have checked that book out of the library several times, but haven’t knit anything from it yet. I’ll be interested to read what everyone says about it.

  2. What cute socks!
    My recommendations? Well…I love my dpns. But I’m just learning the 2 circulars method and I really like it! I’m also a toe-up gal. I use Wendyknits.net and her free patterns/techniques, but have started a new pair using Judy’s Magic Cast-on – check out Knitty.com for the article and I have a link to Cat Bordhi’s video explaining it. Then there’s Deb’s (fluffyknitterdeb) Turkish Cast-on.

    All of which are moot points if you’re a cuff-down gal.

  3. Dear Sallee, Translation pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllease!!!! Sounds fascinating but I was lost after ‘toe up gal’ LOL….Your projects always look great so you obviously have got this cased!!! Huggs….. 🙂

  4. I love the booties!!! They will be just the thing for chilly winter nights. I really like cotton and the way it feels on the tootsies. And a huuuuge congratulations on those socks! I know it was a struggle for a while there, but I had every confidence in you on this project. You’re pretty much amazing at everything you do so socks were just inevitable!

  5. The crocheted booties are gorgeous colours and your knitted socks look too cute. Way to go!

  6. I think the socks turned out great!!!! And they certainly don’t look like their your first pair you ever knitted.

  7. I love your hexagon boot slippers! My feet are ALWAYS freezing and I never go barefoot at home. I’ve had that pattern printed out forever (like, years) and have never gotten around to making them. You’ve inspired me with your AWESOME choice of colors…they look retro and funky, not dowdy like with the colors on the pattern. GREAT work!

  8. Hi Beth, Heh, I never noticed that before, about the coordinating blog colors, maybe I should be wearing these booties when Im online LOL…I have to start wearing them more, I tend to ‘save’ new things instead of wearing them right away, silly but true. Time to wear the new FO’s right? 🙂

    Hi Sallee, I deciphered some of your note. You are waaaaaaaaaay ahead of me in the knitting dept. Im enjoying getting back to my crafts lately, so relaxing and fun. Except when Mr. C gets busy, he LOVES pulling wool!!!

    Hi Annie, You are pretty darn amazing too, and sooooo nice. Thanks for the kind words and the sock tips along the way. I wouldnt have finished these without you!

    Hi MaryAnne, THanks for the compliments. I love the colors too. Even the Mitz liked the socks and she’s a tough judge!!!!

    Hi Diana, Thanks for the encouraging comment. I do have pretty consistent gauge when I knit/crochet. It was the dpn’s that I had a heck of a time getting use to.

    Hi Whitney, Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I loved the look of these colors and using cotton really added to the finished results I think. DO make sure to share your bootie photos when you get yours completed. Im sure they will be really, really nice…judging by your excellent work on your blog. Glad I stopped by too.

    Huggs, Happy Thanksgiving and Columbus Day, G

  9. Hmmmmm….the first time I crocheted hexagons, I was trying to make Granny Squares (oh so many years ago!). LOL The slippers are very cute, and I’m sure very warm and snuggly….just what we need around here, too!

  10. Yay! first socks – very nice. Love how you “thought outside the box” for the slippers – nice to see a classic of crochet used in a creative manner. 🙂

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