Poem for Autumn



Season of splendour,

The earth, again laying it’s head down,

preparing for the long winter sleep ahead.

The Stillness, palpable,so serene….everywhere.


But for now,

Mother Nature’s paintbrush is busy.

With brilliant palette of crimson and gold.

The forest, so peaceful yet alive with color.

The late summer sun, still warming the days.


My favourite season.

It’s beauty, far surpassing the others.

A magical time, of awakenings and endings.

Like no other, a joy to once again rediscover.


As the earth drifts off to it’s rest, once more.

So to are we also reminded of another year’s passing.

And of changes, inevitable, required in all things.

And to everything, there is a season,

and a reason, we will find,

for all.



It’s loveliness and wonder endures.

To come for another year, to dazzle and delight.

We put away our thoughts, no NOT yet!!!

Of the winter chill ahead.

There is so much to enjoy, right now.

So much beauty to behold.

Warming us.

Touching our very souls.




PS: I thought this poem was worth an encore…..this being my fav. season of the year. There have also been quite a few visits to the original post, in the last couple of weeks, judging by WP stats.  I have updated the photo to feature the splendour of autumn in British Columbia, Canada. Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and colorful autumn day, wherever you are…..    🙂

Photo courtesy of flickr

4 responses

  1. Oh yes. This one is certainly good for an encore! I hope you are enjoying the day. Fall is such a short season…

  2. It’s not quite autumn here yet, so I really enjoyed seeing your picture. 🙂

  3. Perfect – it captures it all and makes me love this season all the more! Thanks for sharing this, I’ve linked it on my Monday Morning Munchies. Have a wonderful day!


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