Introducing……Mr. Cheddar

Well here he is….our new family member, the fabulous Mr. Cheddar!!!!!! Isn’t he a handsome fella?


 Mr. Cheddar has been keeping us amazed,amused and on our toes since the beginning of July. He is a real live wire and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘boundless energy’.

Hard to believe that he had such a hard life for so many years….he arrived at the  animal shelter with matted and missing fur, stinky, frightened,abandoned and unloved. What a turnaround and what a triumph of the feline spirit he has proven to be. Except for a fear of open doors and the outdoors, he is happy, well-adjusted and VERY loveable.

Only one hurtle left, Ms. Mitz is NOT impressed by ‘the big orange guy’ in spite of his obvious virtues. He is absolutely smitten with the Mitz however and they are making SLOW progress towards being pals. Paws crossed that it all comes together soon. It takes time, sometimes….doesn’t it?

More feline adventures, coming soon!!!!!!  Meooooooow for now.         🙂


12 responses

  1. G., welcome back! Thanks for stopping by EFG, hope the butterflies picked you up. And a big welcome to Mr. Cheddar. I heard that male yellows are the most laid back cats of them all. How can Mitzi resist him, he’s so handsome. (Simba agrees.) Hopefully they’ll make friends soon!

  2. Mr. Cheddar is beautiful! I love his eyes.

    I tried to write back when you commented on my blog today, but the email didn’t go through. I’m looking forward to seeing your cardigan!

  3. What a beauty! Now Meezer is commisserating with Mitz, but you know our CC was first on the block – the Meezer is the interloper here..

    Mr. Cheddar is gorgeous. I’m so glad to see you posting again!

  4. Mr. Cheddar is so handsome and I love his name. I’m sure Ms. Mitz will come around soon, esp. when he is smitten with her.

    So good to have you posting again Geraldine! Take care.

  5. Oh, my goodness! He certainly *is* a handsome devil. I’d better not let my baby girls see those pictures or they will surely pack up their kibble and catnip then head for points north. They’ll live out their days as Mr. Cheddar groupies!

  6. Hi C, Glad Simba gives the ‘big guy’ the paws up. What about the rest of the gang??? Mr. C is actually a dark orange-rust color, not yellow at all…I guess the photo doesnt do his coat color justice LOL…

    Hi Beth, I needed to update my email profile on my blog, sorry. Yes, cardigan is coming along well. Loved seeing your new projects and reading the news.

    Hi KN, The Mitz is most grateful for the Meezer’s support and feedback. Mr. Cheddar will win her over, I just know it!!!

    Hi MaryAnne, Mr. Cheddar says….Thanks so much!!!

    Hi Sheep, Mr. C says, send them up…he would love to have a groupie group following him around. Rejection is not fun and that’s all he’s gotten from the Mitz. He needs to play hard to get, don’t ya think?

    I am so happy to be back in Blogland, I missed you all so much. 🙂

  7. My grandmother once had a fellow that looked a lot like Mr. Cheddar….he’s beautiful! (Can a person say that about a male cat? Tell him I said “handsome”!) 🙂

  8. Mr. Cheddar is so handsome and is so lucky to have landed in such a loving home.
    As someone who volunteers for an animal shelter, I know what these poor babies are
    up against.

    Hope the Mitz comes around soon. Bossa Nova invites both kitties over for a rousing
    game of Scrabble. >^..^<

  9. He’s just adorable. I have a special fondness in my heart for orange kitties. Give him a good hug for me!

  10. It was so nice to hear from you again, Mitz! Today I totally feel sorry for you about the intruder, since the same thing has quite unexpectedly happened to me.

    My mom, though, says he’s a very handsome boy. She also sends her condolences to your mom for the loss of her mom and hopes that time has made it a bit easier.

    Come by again soon–I should have details on our new intruder later this week.

  11. Mr. Chedder is a perfect example of the cat we went looking for at the Sr. Center Cat Fair back in April. We sort of had our hearts set on an orange tiger (with or without white markings), but lost said hearts to a huge white with black splotches lug now known as Boomer. He’s about 3 years old and our calico, Callie, is around 13. Things were just starting to settle down in the hiss-growl deparment when we inherited my Mother’s cat, Sadie – another 13 year old who is not at all happy about having to share a home and expresses that displeasure in growls, hisses, and loud yowls. It’s only been a week, so we’re hoping for improvement and some possible quiet sometime soon.

  12. Hey welcome back! Mr. Cheddar is adorable! Kind of like a long haired version of our Simon.

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