An Encore from the Recipe File

Since I am temporarily without access to a scanner for photos, I thought I’d take a look through my recipe files in search of something fresh and ‘spring-like’ to share with you on this beautiful spring day. Hope you are enjoying a sunshine-filled Saturday too, wherever you are….. 

The veggies are really starting to look great again in the stores. Think I’ll put together of batch of this garden fav. soup to capture and savor all the goodness and flavors of the fresh vegetables and herbs that are ready to enjoy right now.

Hope you enjoy this food encore ‘performance’ LOL and do share you latest cooking adventures when you can.

Mmmmm…..speaking of zucchini, maybe it’s time to think about another chocolate zucchini cake!      🙂

Recipe: Summer’s Bounty Veg and Herb Soup


 Yes, I know it’s not quite ’soup time’ yet!

I must admit, I am a self-proclaimed soup-lover (big time) and unless it’s 100 degrees outside, I still like to make a batch. Enjoying it slowly simmering to perfection, the aroma wafting through the house. Then the best part, savoring all those flavors combined to enjoy in one big bowl of yummmmm….    )

I’m working on a soup promotion with one of my favorite health/recipe organizations online, for  their upcoming fall features (will keep you posted!). At the same time, I’ve been creating and ‘tweaking’ some new recipes and this soup was one I put together last week.

The results were: hearty, satisfying, very colorful and delicious. Summertime truly is a great time for making veggie soups and I took full advantage of as many fresh garden (wish it was ours!) vegetables and herbs as I could, to add to the pot. Hope you will try and enjoy this recipe soon. Happy Weekend and Cooking!    

Summer’s Bounty Veg and Herb Soup

Makes 4-6 servings

2 T. olive oil

1 medium sweet onion, diced

4 medium carrots, diced

1 medium zucchini, diced (scrubbed and unpeeled if garden fresh)

1 medium green pepper, diced

4 medium garden tomatoes, chopped (use the juice too) or 15 oz. can stewed tomatoes

2-3 T. fresh  finely chopped flat leaf parsley

2 T. apple cider vinegar

4 C. vegetable soup stock

1- 19 oz. can beans- your choice: kidney, fava, cannellini, pinto, or mixed (thoroughly rinsed and drained)

3 T. EACH uncooked rice and barley (thoroughly rinsed and drained)

1/2 C. fresh or frozen baby peas

1/2-1 T. raw sugar or honey (to taste)

3 bay leaves (remove before serving)

1-2 T. chopped fresh or 1-2 teas. crushed dried thyme (to taste)

1-2 T. chopped fresh or 1-2 teas.crushed dried oregano (to taste)

1/2- 1 teas. Chinese 5 Spice-opt. but adds a great flavor (to taste)

sea salt and black pepper, to taste

Garnish: Freshly-grated parmesan cheese (opt.)

In a large soup pot, heat olive oil over med-high heat. Add onions,carrots, zucchini and green pepper and saute for 3 minutes. Cover, reduce heat to low and steam for 3 additional minutes to release flavors. 

Add all remaining ingredients (except peas) and bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat to low and simmer for 35-40 minutes, until barley and rice are cooked. Add peas for last 10 minutes of cooking time. Adjust seasonings. Add a bit more stock or water if necessary, if soup is thicker than you desire.

Sprinkle each serving with grated parmesan cheese if desired, just before serving.

Original recipe and photo by:

Geraldine Hartman. All rights reserved.




8 responses

  1. Mmmm…it really does say, “summer!” And I’ll bet it is super colorful. A feast for the eyes as well as the belly!

  2. I agree – any time is soup time!

    I planted the rest of my garden today. This year I put in only things that we eat a lot of – so no zucchini. (Nobody else in my family eats it.) But, that has left me more room for flowers! 🙂

  3. have been eating soup for lunch for several months now and it’s helping me keep my weight loss from inching back up! This one looks terrific! The Meezer, BB, and Calico Curmudgeon say they miss Mitzi!

  4. You make my belly growl!

  5. That bowl of soup looks so yummy and edible.

  6. Ooh, that looks delicious. I’ll have to give the recipe a try.

  7. Yummy! Welcome back – hope to read more soon when your back up to “tech” speed again

  8. Hi G,

    I love soup at any time of the year, too, and that Does look absolutely fantastic!! Thanks for yet another delicious dinner idea!

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