Laughter Yoga

How’s this for a great idea….

Laughter is a great tonic; we all know that.

These people are taking it to a whole new level:

Laughter Yoga Canada

 Happy Chuckles!!!!!    🙂

5 responses

  1. Did you feature this before??? I know I’ve seen it somewhere…what a great idea! 🙂

  2. I bet you’ll like this post from BlogLily about laughter:

    How many times did you laugh today?

  3. I definitely think I need to laugh more!! I’m going to make a point of laughing with my husband a lot today.

  4. Even in regular yoga there are a couple of postures that emphasize laughing. This is great, taking it to a higher level. Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine after all. Looking for the US movement to see if there is a local club.

  5. Laughter is great medicine. I laugh several times throughout the day. My daughter does also1 🙂

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