I was a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ fan!


Ok, I admit it, I have become a big fan of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and have faithfully ‘tuned in’ to see the results show whenever possible, for the past 10 weeks.

 Tonight, the winners were announced: Emmitt and Cheryl came out on top but it was a very close race, right to the end.

I was actually amazed how addictive the show became for me. The first couple of times it happened to come on after the news, I barely gave it 5 minutes of my attention. But gradually, I was hooked.

The competition was fierce, the talent undeniable, the bling, the tears and laughter, the amazing dances performed with what appeared to be amazing ease (especially for the stars who are NOT professional dancers).

Not to mention the feat of the ladies, dancing on 4 inch heels,week after week. Ouch!!!! How do they do it?  No wonder this is such a popular and ongoing series, all around the world.

Even Jerry Springer showed up to ‘strut his stuff’.  I have always loathed his talk show but I have to admit, there appears to be a much nicer side to Jerry, as witnessed on Dancing…..Learning the waltz to dance at his daughter’s wedding. Aaaahhh……There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.

 Anyone out there who also enjoyed this show? It’s made me want to get my dancing shoes on and REALLY learn how to dance, for the first time in my life. And that’s a very good thing. I also think it’s probably had the same good effect on millions of other viewers, around the world. Certainly a fun way to firm up, don’t ya agree?          😉


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  1. You’re right, dancing is a great way to get exercise. I haven’t seen that show, but it sounds like fun.

    Another show that lots of people seem to watch is Gray’s Anatomy. A friend of ours is an actor and has an appearance in tonight’s episode. I’m a little afraid to watch it because I don’t want to get sucked into the show. 🙂

  2. Oh I agree with you on how addicting this show is. I watch occassionally the first year and by the end I was sucked into the energy.

    This year I watched religiously and waited with breathe held to hear who won last night. Did you hear my screams of excitement??? LOL

    I think the right man won. So gracious! So consistant!! SO amazing!!!

  3. Somehow I managed to miss this one. Yet everyone I know watches it and I have been left out of many a conversation! Wah!!! I’ll catch it next time around, for sure.

    BTW: have I mentioned lately that You. Are. The. Best?

    “Best,” I say!!!! Off to go peruse my new book…

  4. i love dancing! i wish i could dance couple style like they do on that show — they are sooo graceful & in shape. :o)

  5. I can’t believe Mario didn’t win!

  6. I can’t believe Mario didn’t win either….Emmett had lots of charm and personality but he doesn’t have the dancing ability that Mario has, no contest. I think Cheryl added a lot to the decision though, she was always so upbeat and happy. Mario’s partner looked ‘kind a cranky’ at times, maybe that didn’t help when all was said and done???

  7. The plot thickens….Mario, professionally trained? First I had heard of this. Maybe thats why he didn’t win in the end? This is from the forum at the Dancing with the Stars site. G


  8. I have to admit, I was not a fan of that show but I happened on it once and I was fascinated. First, I couldn’t believe it was a real show 😉 but also because Emmitt Smith was on there. I’m not much of a pro football fan but I followed his career somewhat because he was at the University of Florida the same time as me and believe it or not he was in my freshman English class. Seems he’s had a slightly more lucrative career than me…

  9. Loved the show- has anyone seen the tour yet? It started yesterday in San Diego. I found these great videos that teach Latin Dance moves at Core Rhythms. It’s great exercise and I’m starting to get the moves!

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