Craving some Crochet….


 I just finished up the last sleeve for Joe’s Lopi cardigan this week (finally) and look forward to getting it sewn together in plenty of time for Christmas. (photo no longer available)

 After this rather long session of knitting (seed stitch) which I find slows down my progress quite a bit; I’ve been craving a new small take-along crochet project. What do you think? I’ve got some red worsted-weight yarn  in my stash that I think would work for this pretty beret, perhaps with a bit of tweaking on the gauge/hook size. It looks harder than it is, I like that part too. 

 I just got back from a trip around Blogland. Always great to see what everyone is knitting and crocheting but I am always amazed at how FAST everyone seems to get projects completed!!! I’ve been knitting and crocheting for a long time but the speed still isn’t there. I enjoy the process though, I guess that’s what’s really important.  😉

If you’d also like to try this hat, here’s the Beret Pattern courtesy of Lion Brand. Happy Hooking!!!


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  1. I’m finally knitting again after a long hiatus–thoiugh I’ve been eyeing the “Happy Hooker” crochet book for ages. I’m currently making baby hats for Save the Children.

    This beret looks gorgeous!

  2. Geraldine, I can totally see you in that beret! I can’t wait to see you in it! It’ll look great.

  3. Beret update…I gave it a whirl and its looking good, already have 7 rows completed (maybe Im not so SLOOOOOOOW after all LOL). I am making it in the bright red worsted I mentioned, using a bit bigger gauge than suggested though so its nice and lacey looking. The H hook was just right even though the gauge ended up a bit bigger than they had in pattern (I had almost 17 st. x 4″, gauge in pattern is 16 st. x4″). I have a similar black beret that I received as a gift years ago, the stitches are a bit looser than this one so Im kind of following along with that hat too…wish me luck!!! Ill take a photo when Im done… 🙂

  4. I really like that pattern. I’m a knitter so it wouldn’t happen for me though.
    Sorry, I haven’t been around-things are very hectic about now. Great new blog look!!! I love it.

  5. The beret would definately look great in red!

  6. I really need to proof-read before I submit comments LOL…My update above should have read, about 15″ to a 4″ gauge,not 17″. Im typing too fast for my own good!

    Long and short of it, Im making the stitches looser, on a bigger hook than what the gauge in pattern would have required and beret is LOOKING GOOD! 🙂

  7. A RED beret! What a great idea, and I do like that pattern…what a shame crochet makes my hands cramp! You’ll look great in yours, tho’ can’t wait to see it!

  8. Wow I love your taste G! I’ve liked everything you’ve shown here.

    I’m hoping to take a break and knit or crochet next week. I’ll be off for an entire week. I’ll be heading to South Carolina so my daughter will have plenty of Aunties,Uncles, and cousins that to play with. I’m hoping I can at least start on a project.

  9. Geraldine,
    It’s a beautiful beret and the red sounds lovely. I tend to make smallish projects that I can finish in a reasonable length of time before my concentration goes out the window. No matter how big or small, the finishing details are as important as the knitting or crocheting, don’t you think. I spend a fair time blocking and pressing my knits so they look nicely finished.

  10. Hi UV, The Happy Hooker is a great book, the reference section alone is worth the price of the book. I highly recommend.

    Hi Beth, Its coming along and looking good!!! I will definitely share a photo when finished. 🙂

    Hi Kim, I love stopping by your blog and seeing your MANY projects. You are so speedy at getting them completed too, Im impressed!

    Hi Diana, THanks, I hope so, its a bright, bright red, one of my fav colors…

    Hi Sallee, Thanks to you too. Sorry about the cramping, thats too bad. You certainly make up for it with all the knitting you do, wow…again Im impressed.

    Hi Opal, Glad you like what I pick to feature on Veggies, and to make, thanks for the kind compliment. Do let me know how the visit and crafting goes…. 🙂

    Hi MaryAnne, I love stopping by on Fridays to see your latest finished projects. You do wonderful work and donating it to worthy causes much of the time makes it even more special. How kind and thoughtful that is.

    Thanks for stopping by and for all your comments, G 🙂

  11. Eh…not so much with the speed going on here. I like to think that I represent the slower knitters in blogland. I feel it is my duty to work slowly to uphold the traditions of the pokey-stitchers.

    And I forget stuff sometimes…

    I love the beret! I’ve been looking at some patterns for berets that use sock yarns and think that I might give one a go. But It won’t be done for Christmas, I fear.

  12. The beret looks like a good project and in red would make a pretty one…. thanks for the link.

  13. Hail Fiber Fans in Nelson, BC! When last I was in your fair city I could only find a small, dear little shop in an alley tucked under some bigger buildings. I was in love with some fleece and walked around sniffing the sheepy perfume for weeks afterwards. I am in big need of Canadian help. I now own my own little yarn shop in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and our US supplier won’t be importing the Phildar Layette books once translated, and Phildar won’t send to me direct. Can I get them through you or anyone in BC? They are SOOO cute and the powers that be in New York City have decided that we knitters only need the boring patterns. Go figure. I would love to hear from anyonw who can help. Thanks-Melody

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