Making it a GREEN Holiday Season


My blog bud Caroline Brown over at Earth Friendly Gardening is not only an accomplished gardener but also a freelance   writer                                                                                 

A few days ago, Caroline shared with me an interesting article she had recently written, featuring some excellent green and guilt-free gift ideas you might want to consider.        

November is rushing by all too quickly and before you know it, the Christmas Holiday season will be here.  

Check out the timely article at: and start thinking: 

Green+Giving = Great Gift     🙂 


8 responses

  1. Some great ideas there! I’d also suggest a book I just began perusing…”Not Just For Vegetarians” It is a handy little reference for those of us who tend to make less than healthy choices every so often. 😉 Or for parents of such people! Just a thought.

  2. Dig the new blog design Geraldine! Thanks also for the link to Caroline’s article. I was considering preparing something similar for Arboreality. Gotta be green! 😉

  3. THanks for the link to Caroline’s article on having a green Christmas. I absolutely loved it and will have to bookmark her blog. I’ve been wanting to get a worm bin; I know people think I’m nuts because I’m always trying to conserve energy and I compost everything. So worms will be on my Christmas list. Once again, thanks for the link.

    Your blog is excellent!!!!!!!

  4. What a great link. Thanks for posting!

  5. Hi Sheepish Annie, I actually DID recommend that very reference book you suggest in the article! 🙂

    Hi G., that was swell of you to highlight the gift article on your blog. Thanks much, it means a lot.

  6. Hi G,

    Thanks for pointing out a great article with plenty of good ideas. (I love those little Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs, too…they’re great!)

  7. Caroline RAWKS! (And so do you, G! Thanks for the link to Caroline’s writing.)

  8. Thanks for sharing the site. There are some good ideas and sets me thinking of other options.

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