The Mitz: Packing/Moving STINKS!!!!!!

First of all, before you get the wrong idea, I am definitely NOT actually doing any packing or menial grunt work, far from it. I am after all the Fabulous Mitz.

 I don’t do WORK!!!!

My post title (especially the word STINKS) refers to the fact that the human’s latest packing activities are resulting in a disruptive and totally NOT FUN environment for me, especially at my preferred nap times 10AM, 1PM, 4PM and don’t forget, the all important 7PM after din-din snooze!

Yes Meowmie, I DO nap and more than you know. But now, with you and Pawmie spending WAAAAAAY toooo much time at home, shifting boxes, sorting junk and worst of all, snapping that blasted tape over and over….from what you refer to as the tape gun!!!! Grrrrrrr….. Well, I gotta tell you, it’s just plain wrong to put me through all this kafuuufffuel!!!!

So, until this mess is straightened out, until the packing is OVER and normalcy is restored (or as close as we get to normal in this family) I am retiring/resigning myself to hiding in the laundry. It’s soft, warm and relatively quiet in here.When things get really annoying, I can quickly go undercover. 

And Pawmie, GET THAT SNUGGLE SACK FINISHED and pronto!!!!! Then I can really get some REAL peace and quiet and badly-needed winks!!!!

Chow for now, The Tired and VERY Cranky Mitz        😦 


13 responses

  1. Poor Mitz!! The laundry looks pretty comfy, though….a great place to hide.

  2. Oh, Mitz…humans just don’t “get it.” The concept of territory is far too sophisticated for them. Their need to roam is just part of their make-up and there is little we can do about it until we can figure out the whole can opener thing. Then we will rule and they will bend to our will. Until then, keep that laundry warm!

    Persephone and Desdemona

  3. email friend Elaine

    Hi Mitz, this is Boo, I LOVE the laundry too.
    I try and get in the basket of folded, just out of the dryer, clothes. They are sooooo warm.
    Sorry that the packing is upsetting you, but I am sure things will get better.
    Keep your chin up. lol

  4. Humans will never learn. kitties don’t like change and uproar! What is their problem? I suggest leaving a few well-placed presents, if you know what I mean, to get your point across more clearly.

    Purrs for now, Simba

  5. Awww poor Mitz!

    I’m hoping you have snooze worthy naps soon. The towels do look soft and cozy.

  6. i know what you mean, Mitz. i’ve had to move a few times too… when i was at “the pound” that was the worst!!! You are lucky to have such a great Meowmie and a wonderful Pawmie as well!

  7. Oh Mitz! The lack of consideration is sooo awful! But you are a smart kitty to appropriate the lovely laundry basket.

    By the way, the Evil!Troll says a special hi. Her beloved car (which guzzles gas and breaks down every other day) is also called the Mitz.

  8. Mitz:
    Tell your mom and pop to click a second time after opening the image in a new window. If you still can’t see it, email me at and I can send you jpeg file.

  9. Hi Ms.M, Yes, the laundry is OK, but I am use to the house being run with some semblence of order….this is NOT!!!

    Hi P and D, Thank you for your understanding and support. I have been practising using the can opener when the humanoids leave the house (Not often enough now) and also the new flip-top cans. Still need too much muscle power, I am of course strong but NOT THAT STRONG!!! I will persevere.

    Hi Boo, I do enjoy the laundry but its a far cry from having the whole house quiet and one big nap-zone. It will get better, I know, just so annoying for now.

    Hi Simba, Yes, ‘presents’ are always a good idea, especially on the stairs snort….thanks for the reminder. Always sure to get their attention eh???? 😉

    Hi Ms. RVM, Yes, as I have said already OK but NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!!

    Hi (ahhhhem) Doggie Mat, Snort…couldnt resist. You do bring out a good point though. The old folks are so bad, I could a done worse Im sure.

    Hi GK, Wow, a car named after me….I am honored but what is this about the guzzling problem??? Sounds like a junker!!! I am definitely NOT, perhaps the Troll you mention should be looking at newer transport options, Im thinking Rolls Royce or Mercedes, IF she still wants to use my trademark name.

    I will pass along the info. re: seeing your images in all their glory. DO NOT want to miss a minute of the fun.

    Headbonks and slurpy kisses, The Mitz 😉

  10. PS to the Doggie, That should read ‘old folks AREN’T so bad’…..I don’t want them shipping me out to the pound or something, when they read my comments.

  11. Boy.. you know how to really hurt a girl, don’t ya? *grin* Truthfully though.. this will be my first winter in over 20 years that I’m living single and will have to get out there and shovel my OWN car out… not looking forward to it 😦

  12. Mitz, you can still stay with me until the racket dies down. PLUS PLUS PLUS, it’s not nearly as cold here. So come on down!

  13. Dear Willy, I will check on flights south and get back to you asap…sounds divine. The humanoids are still ticking me off. Pawmie is sorta making amends though, he is half-finished my snuggle sack thingey…..maybe that will help. I certainly would love to winter with you though,oh Gorgeous One….maybe dreams do come true!!!!

    Slurpy Kisses, The Mitz 😉

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