Craft Project: Air-Dried Flowers


I have always loved dried flowers and floral arrangements. Although I’ve only actually dried one bouquet to date (my first wedding bouquet!!) I love the idea of picking flowers at the end of summer,drying them naturally and then using them in arrangements or just to enjoy ‘au natural’ as in this beautiful photo.

Have any of you dried flowers and if so are there any tips that you have to share to make the flowers last longer, retain more color etc….? Late summer and the fall would certainly seem to be the perfect time to enjoy this lovely, free craft. And of course, the flowers can be enjoyed so much longer when they are dried. Different but still beautiful.

Here are instructions I found re: How to Air Dry Flowers

Have a great weekend!      🙂

Photo courtesy of Flickr


9 responses

  1. It must smell heavenly in that barn/shed!!

    I’ve never dried flowers to keep, but have often dried herbs to save for medicinal purposes. I have read (but have not tried) that if you put the flower head in salt, it will take out the moisture but the petals will retain their color and shape better.

  2. I’ve dried my share of oranges and apples by slicing and putting them in the oven on low heat for a billion or so hours. Never tried anything with flowers other than pressing.

    Might be a fun thing to try for the holidays, though!

  3. I’ve air dried my blue hydrangeas by picking when they are still bright blue and hanging them upside down for several weeks. They seem to last quite awhile and give me a lift in the winter months.

  4. I’ve dried flowers before, but I cannot arrange them in a pleasing fashion. That is a skill I just don’t have.

    One tip I do have for drying flowers is to use silica gel (looks like sand) for drying flower heads. It’s probably a lot like the salt Michelle mentioned. (Silica gel is the stuff in little packets that comes with your new shoes.) It’s reusable, so that’s nice.

    I snip the stems off, put a layer of silica gel in a plastic container, put the flower head face down in the gel, then pour more gel all around it. Put the lid on and wait for the recommended number of days (on the silica gel canister). When they are done, pull them out and brush them off gently with a paint brush.

    I used this technique for zinnias one year and then glued the flower heads onto a wreath. It really did look nice and the zinnias held their color for a long time.

  5. I air dried flowers once and kept them around in a vase until they became dusty. I’m glad you reminded me about drying flowers. I think I will definitely do it again next year!

  6. I love to dry and press flowers, leaves, and herbs – there are just so many uses for them!!!

  7. Oh I love dried flowers too. Some lavender from the balcony is hanging in my hallway and my son puts his teddy under it so that the buds fall and make him smell good. Yummy!

  8. Thanks for sharing the information on air dried flowers. It was nice. Being a flower lover, I enjoyed going through your article very very much. Cheers 🙂

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