In a Whole New Light….

Do you ever read a poem or story that keeps coming back to you? Such was the case recently, after reading this hauntingly beautiful poem by Tess Gallagher–  ‘Under Stars’   via Life Inchoate.

Dawn, who is the creative voice behind Life Inchoate brings up some very interesting thoughts to ponder in this post. How everyday, ordinary events and tasks can be seen in a whole new light and with more meaning than what appears to be on the surface.

I love this poem, I feel a part of it when I read it and the words come back to me, again and again. What do you think?  Does this poem bring to mind something that has left a memory as special and beyond the moment in your own life?

The photo, courtesy of Flickr. Yes, I have seen starlight through snow trees, many times. Again, beauty in the simple things.



Flickr photo: Starlight through Snow Trees by:


8 responses

  1. What a great poem. Thanks for sharing. I especially loved the last sentence.

    “Again, I am the found one, intimate, returned by all I touch on the way.”

  2. Very beautiful….tis true, the ordinary is extraordinary if we see it that way. 🙂

  3. I love poetry that connects with people and the everyday. Too many poets get so lost in finding the words that they lose the reader.

    Perfect photo for this post!

  4. Thanks for sharing the poem, G. There are some lovely images here–little tin house by the roadside, rain-heavy bushes, starry voices. Funny, it reminds me of walking back to the house after hauling the trash to the road on a cold, clear winter evenings. Certainly not as romantic as Tess Gallagher’s letter but ordinary nonetheless.

  5. I love the photo! Thanks for sharing the poem.

  6. that photo touches me even more than the poem. I am transported back to my childhood winters in Ontario. It makes me feel all warm inside.
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi VV, Glad you enjoyed the poem.

    Hi Michelle, Maybe a good reminder for me to do just that. Sometimes, I tend to forget.

    Hi Sheep, Yes,I agree…I am not one for poems that ramble on with no direction, for lack of a better description. This one really hit home with me, in so many ways. Glad I ‘done good’ re: the photo, went through about 6 pages on Flickr before I picked this one. 😉

    Hi C, Glad it brought a good memory to mind, you are talking about the trip BACK from the trash LOL, Im guessing its the clear cold morning that really comes to mind. 😉

    Hi Opal, Thanks!

    Hi MaryAnne, Glad this brought back some fond memories. I didnt know you grew up in Ont. I lived down that way for many years, loved Toronto!!!

    Wishing you all a great day and something special in the ordinary to come to mind.

    Huggs, G 🙂

  8. Indeed a beautiful poem. It made me think of taking a late night walk under a bright moon when the snow is so cold and firm that it crunches under your feet. Brrrr!!! Winter is on its way….

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