Have a Safe and Happy Halloween


I’m not usually a fan of anything plastic, but this ‘family’ group made me chuckle (sorry, photo removed from Flickr). They all look happy and ready to hooooowl!!!!

Attn: Cat and laugh-lovers, do check out Gigolo Kitty’s Halloween garb, just a HOOT!!!! Look out Manhattan.   😉

5 responses

  1. Happy Halloween to you!!
    love the Manhattan kitty 🙂

  2. Happy Halloween to you, as well! The Sheep has finished her workout and is now calculating how much of the candy she can eat based on how many miles she pedaled on the little bike.

    And using somewhat “creative” math…

  3. Happy Halloween, Mitz! I hope you get treats and no tricks! Me, I’m laying low tonight. Even though we never go out, there’s no telling what scary thing could come in and kidnap me or something. Unless it wanted to kidnap Caroline. That might be OK.

  4. Have a great Halloween Mitz! Lots of treats and if anyone tries to play a trick on you, just drop Giggy a line. He will pop over and make their lives miserable (as well he knows how)!

  5. Hee hee… laughed at Gigolokitty’s outfit. Meowza! This is a cute photo you posted as well. I’m workin’ on Halloween, bummed to not be seein’ the kiddies march around in their costumes trick-or-treating… *sigh*

    Glad to be home. I’ve been back a while but have been under pressure at work and have been battling allergies for weeks now that have left me exhausted. Finally got some photos uploaded, so that’s half the battle…

    Thank you for your note. I have missed you 🙂 and Mitz too! Mattie sends hugs (but not too many… she knows how Mitz is about doggie slobber!)

    I’ll be back!

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