Site of the Week: Oat Couture


As is often the case, I found Oat Couture, this week’s Site of the Week (perhaps should be reconsidering and changing that to ‘of the Month’!!!!), while browsing in cyberspace and ‘happened’ upon it, unexpectedly. (sorry, photos removed from Fickr) 

I was over at Karpstyles where my new blog-bud Jackie presides, all the way from the Northwest Territories of Canada (already snow there!!!) . Included on her knitting pattern page were some lovely sweaters from Oat Couture.


I was intrigued by the company’s name and impressed by the designs, so decided to check out the Oat Couture site. I was not disappointed.

There is something homey/casual and at the same time classic about their designs. I now think Oat Couture is not only a catchy name for a company to have; in this case it is also most appropriate. This photo, just one example of their pretty and practical patterns. I just loved this beret and scarf and what a great color blend too!

If you are looking for some new yarn inspiration, make sure to stop by. It’s certainly worth a browse.    🙂

From the Oat Couture homepage: 

We live to knit and crochet!
Our intention is to provide handworkers of all levels of experience with delightful and gratifying projects for themselves, their families and friends. We hope you enjoy browsing through our current catalogue of knitting and crochet patterns.


6 responses

  1. And you wouldn’t believe how many emails I get telling me that it is spelt Haute Couture LOL.

    Wind is just HOWLING up here. I think we are in for a very cold Halloween!

  2. I’ve always loved their name! And the patterns are very simple, clean and doable. The Sheep likes “doable…” 😉

    Gonna submit this quickly before the power decides to go out again! We’ve got some wicked winds a-blowin’ here.

  3. I have an Oat Couture pattern, but I haven’t knit it yet. I really like the way the sweater looks. I think their title is catchy, too!

  4. I am loving those colors! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I’m looking forward to this upcoming holiday. I’m planning on knitting while we are in South Carolina.

  5. That’s a very pretty set…thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh thanks a lot.. now I’m STARVING! Looks great!

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