Have a Fabulous Fall Friday!


I’ve been thinking about my years in Toronto and the spectacular fall colors that I remember so well.

Unfortunately, the brilliant red and orange maple leaves are not to be found here on the Prairies; just too cold for maple trees to survive.(sorry, photo removed from Flickr)

I did take a flickr ‘tour’ this morning of the ‘fall leaves’ photos and was not disappointed. Truly a spectacular collection of talent and glorious colors. Thought I would share one of my favorites with you.

Have a wonderful weekend and do take time to savor the fabulous fall colors wherever you are.     🙂

 PS: Speaking of flickr, are any of you having problems using the ‘blog this’ option? It doesn’t work for me anymore. I wrote to flickr but they haven’t figured it out either. Very strange, worked fine before.   


8 responses

  1. What a great shot! I love the reds of the maples, too, and while we have them here, it’s not been the best year for them. I hope to have a “fall foliage shot” on Nana Sadie’s Place this afternoon – courtesy of a co-worker who does GREAT photography!
    Have a wonderful day…we’re trying to make the best of soggy conditions! Pizza for lunch!

  2. I love the perspective in that photo. I hope you have a great weekend, too, G!

  3. I don’t typically have a problem with “blog this” but I also do it to my own domain or to my blogger…not to my wordpress.com accounts.

    Happy autumn, G.!

  4. Great picture! We don’t get a lot of color here in the high desert, either…..a few neighborhood Japanese maples and birch trees is about it, and they’ve lost most of their leaves at this point. I’ll be headed into fall color country, so will have more opportunity to enjoy Nature’s brilliant performance. 🙂

  5. What a beautiful photo, Geraldine. I hope you have a splendiferous Friday and weekend!!

  6. Sadly, the winds have taken much of the color here in Maine. I think the last of it will drop tomorrow during our scheduled rainstorm. Pretty while they lasted, though.

    Lovely photo!

  7. We have some good fall colors here but they’re mostly yellow. I’d love to see more of those beautiful red leaves. Fall is such a great time of the year.

    I just was notified by Flickr that I had used up my free lifetime alotment and now need to pay to use them so I guess I’m not going to be using them anymore. I always thought I just had to worry about the monthly alotment. Not sure about the blog this button. I honestly don’t think I ever used it.

  8. Thanks for coming to visit. I can see that you really DO love the maple leaves and the reds!

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