Halloween: It’s Almost Here!


How’s this for some scarrrrrry fun!!! (sorry, photo removed from Flickr)

Found this craft project on Martha Stewart’s site, kind of a ‘fresh’ look at pumpkins! The instructions to make these are at:

Martha’s Scary Black Pumpkins!

I remember Halloween as a child, like it was yesterday. We  REALLY made a night of it then. Often the tricker-treaters were still out and about after midnight and  all was well; the streets were a lot safer for children then.

Costumes: the planning began weeks in advance.  Gypsy, princess, Carmelite nun (go figure!!!!) to name but three of my fav. Halloween disguises. And the candy….yikes!!!!! The dentists had a field day after the fun was over. Not so much fun then!

As an adult, my fav. dress-up extravaganza: Madame Fettuccine, wish I had that photo to share, what a hoot!!!  Black picture hat, black slinky dress, cigarette holder (no smoking though), cat-eye sunglasses and long slinky gloves, red, red lips and LOTS of bling… it was a fun day/night.

What are your favorite memories of Halloween’s past? Costumes, parties, crafts…..? 

Hope you (and your children, if you have some to share this special night with)  have a safe and fun one this year too!!    🙂


5 responses

  1. Halloween is my favorite holiday. There are just too many good memories, and they get better every year. You probably already saw one of my favorite crafts over at Brainripples: yarn spider webs.

    I also make an excellent fire-breathing-pumpkin which is so much fun for scaring trick-or-treaters, but since it can be a firehazard in the wrong hands, I don’t publish the instructions online. 😉

  2. Madame Fettuccine sounds pasta-tively amazing, dah-ling! I wish you had a photo, too!

    Fire-breathing pumpkin, eh?! That must be something!

    Halloween is my husband’s birthday, so we have double the fun! 🙂

  3. I loved Halloween as a child. We grew up in Ontario and it was coooold on Oct. 31st so we were bundled up with layers under our costumes. We always stopped at my auntie’s house and she would ask us to sing a song, then ply us with cookies and hot chocolate.

  4. I love Halloween; one of my favortie holidays. Madame Fettuccine sounds like a hoot! Hope you have a great Halloween this year.

  5. GREAT pictures!!!

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