A Potato and Packing Post…

Well, we’ve survived another round of boxes and tape and I’ve even found some good things to say about Packing 101.

As I mentioned before, no matter how many times you’ve moved (and for me it’s been 4 times in the past 6 years; not to mention helping with other people’s moves.) there is always a certain amount of ‘surplus’ aka JUNK that can be culled from the collection and given-away, recycled, or ‘trash-trashed’ as a last resort.

I am by nature a neat person. I dream of the day when we will be totally UN-packed with no boxes in the basement, only usable items in sight and the rest, neatly sorted and stashed in labelled storage bins in a temp.controlled storage room, on the main level of course!!!! My idea of organizational BLISS. I actually saw such a set-up on the TV program Neat at one point and it left me almost drooling at the tidiness and ease of it all. Sighhhhh…..Maybe someday.

Second good thing about packing, the FINDS!!! On Saturday I found some beloved photos of several people near and dear to my heart (and in good condition) that I had thought were lost and gone forever. Also, a knitting pattern for a Vogue knitted T-shirt (I kid you not) that I was SURE would never surface again, circa 1990!!!!  However, the knitted T using this pattern, that I had knit in the 90’s, did NOT reappear. Perhaps a good thing, considering I remember it in a rather strange shade of beigy-yellow variegated cotton. Not one of my better yarn picks but the pattern, now that is a keeper!!!

I also continue to try to use up all remaining food stuffs, sometimes in rather bizarre ways. For example: made a batch of cookies this weekend crammed with cashews and dried cranberries. NOT one of my better cooking experiments. Ok, so Joe never complains, he’s eating them for lunches but they ain’t pretty!!!

I DID manage to work on the summer spud pile (yes, there are still some from the final fall ‘dig’)  and with much better results than the cookie fiasco, also on Saturday. Made a batch of Potato Scones and Another Great Potato Soup, both from NJFV. I will include links to the recipes at the bottom of this post.

Here are the luscious results:

Not to brag….well maybe just a bit, but these have got to be the BEST scones I’ve ever tasted, and I’ve eaten a lot of scones. Living out in Victoria, BC years ago, ‘tea time and scones’ were an almost daily ritual and some very good recipes abounded. This one though is still my fav. Something about the mashed potatoes just makes them incredibly rich and yet light, at the same time. I cut these with a cookie cutter aka coffee mug LOL… instead of the more traditional wedge-shaped scones. Worked great. I also omitted the raisins as these were to go with the soup.

The packing is coming along, the empty boxes are filling up, the potato pile is going down….. and those are all good things.

And, as for Saturday lunch  it was Potatoeeeeeee Yummmm….! Happy Cooking…..        🙂

Recipe links for: Potato Scones  and  Another Great Potato Soup

10 responses

  1. Geraldine,
    I am a neat freak also (and I love the program). However, I live with a packrat, so compromise is the order of the day 🙂
    Potato scones, yes I love that recipe and one day may even make some.
    Hope all continues to go well for you.

  2. Mmmm…scones! I haven’t made them in years as I can never seem to eat them fast enough before they go stale. But I do love them. I never used raisins, though. That’s a fruit. And I will not have it near my breadstuffs!

  3. Looking forward to a chance to try out your recipe! 🙂

  4. Glad to hear the packing is going well. I love potato soup….will have to try a batch soon!

  5. I cannot wait (nope nope) for the package to arrive with my copies of your books! I am drooling at all of these recipes and need the book in hand…(yes, I’m old-fashioned). Those scones and the soup look wonderful..
    Happy packing! There IS something refreshing about it, isn’t there?

  6. I admire that you find time to cook in the middle of the chaos of packing & moving, I’d probably have the pizza guy on speed dial! Hope everything is falling into place, G….or at least falling into its correct box.

  7. Hi Mary Anne, I am not surprised that you are a NEAT person too, judging by your lovely blog and the pics. of your very tidy-looking home.

    Hi Sheep, Raisins certainly optional, these were just yummy with the soup, it was a very potatoeeeee lunch. LOL

    Hi JLB, Do tell how you enjoy them!

    Hi Michelle, Ditto JLB’s … I bet you are glad to have your packing behind you!

    Hi Sallee, Thanks for your order and books on the way. These are two of my fav. recipes from the book, I make them again and again, always good and always trying new variations too. These time I added some fresh dill to the soup, yuuuuummmm….

    Hi C, The pizza guy IS on speed dial but we try to behave LOL…Cooking is so relaxing for me, it makes for a nice break. And yes, the packing is coming along albeit too slowly.

    Huggs and thanks for stopping by, G 🙂

  8. I am sitting here shivering at the computer and that soup looks so warm and tempting. I might make it tomorrow – it looks so delicious!!!

  9. Oops! I forgot to say that I’m glad the packing is going well!

  10. Spooktacular Pumpkins! really unique. One of my fondest memories of Haloween growing up was that for trick-or-treat, we’d get apples & popcorn balls.

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