The Mitz: You ARE Gonna be Jealous!!!!




 Greetings oh Feline Friends (and ok Humanoids who may be reading along with them….)

Now that I’ve got your interest, let me explain why you ARE gonna be jealous and big-time!!!!

First of all, remember my Paw-mie Joe??? Let me refresh your tired memory. He’s the handsome feller/dude seen here:

He’s a great Paw-mie and in so many ways. He heats up my din-din’s to just the right temp. in the toaster oven. Meowmie might think she can cook but ‘heat-ups’ forget it, usually toooooo hot or tooooo cold for my discerning palette. Pawmie on the other paw always gets it just right!!!!

Other wonderful things about my Paw-mie: He knows just how to scratch under my chin, gives me lots of head rubs and even lets me snuggle up with him when he is having a nap. He doesn’t have long hair like Meowmie so there’s no temptation in that department.Snort, snort…..sorry Meowmie, you know I can’t resist when it comes to your hair.

But the bestest thing about my Pawmie is: HE is making me a Christmas present, all by himself!!!!

Isn’t this the coolest feline-approved gift idea that you’ve ever seen??????? (sorry, photos removed from Flickr)

It’s called a Superknitter Cat- in- a -Bag and Pawmie is making the looooooooooooooooooooong rope that will be used to form this neato-keen bag, designed for perfect snuggling comfort and warmth.

I AM impressed and that doesn’t happen every day.

My Snuggle Bag as I like to call it will be in this lovely blend of colors:

 Truth be told, Meowmie did pick this yarn out and credit where credit is due, she did a darn good job!!!! I like the subtle shadings; so in tune with my glorious coat of fabulous fur. Will also make hiding from the humanoids even easier (if that’s possible) snort……

But I do need to keep prompting Pawmie to put down the cello-tape and boxes and ‘get spooling’….cause I definitely want my Snuggle Bag asap. Times a wasting….. And there’s a long way to go still; it takes two of those skeiny things of yarn.

So felines, as I asked before: ARE YOU JEALOUS???? Snort, snort….If you are, perhaps you should get a humanoid working on this project pronto. It’s not even hard to do. The pattern is available at: Cat-in-a-Bag

I’m already dreaming….A few minutes in the dryer before use and this Snuggle Bag will be Feline Heaven on Earth!!!!

Chow for now, The Marvelous Mitzster    😉

12 responses

  1. Hmmm…yes that’s quite nice. Don’t know whether I’ll ask about it or not, as I’m definitely a snuggle bug for her…right under the covers in the winter. But maybe she’ll think it’s something to try. I’ll bookmark it for her!
    Thanks, Mitz!

  2. Ooh! That looks nice. Maybe Unfortunate!Mistress can get off her tushie and start those needs clacking.

  3. Oh, Mitz! You are indeed a lucky kitty! I’m afraid that I will have to keep this post from Persephone and Desdemona, though as I’m currently drowning in projects and will be unable to create one of these for them.

    BTW: Can you let your Meowmie know that I dropped off a little something at the post office this morning? 😉

  4. Pawmie aka Veggie Guy

    I won’t let you down Mitz,you WILL have your Snuggle Bag in time for XMAS. I am happy to make a special gift for you.

    You are one of my special girls!!!


  5. Well, our dad made us a scratching post out of a log, a piece of plywood, and sisal rope, so there Mitzi. But, our mother is hopeless when it comes to crafts so we will expect another holiday season with only storebought mice, feather toys, catnip, and such. Our humans are so uninventive. You are indeed a lucky puss, Mitzi.

    Purrs, Simba (Scout & Tiny cannot read or type but they share my sentiments.)

  6. Mitz, I have to say that you look lovely in your picture. You are a beautiful cat and you’ll look great snuggled up in your lovely bag.

  7. Oh what a great Paw-pa! It’s nice that Mitz has two doting parents. Lalita and Mr. Bentley (my two dogs) could care less about the things I make for them however, Indra and Ganesh (my two ferrets) love the sleep sacks, hammocks, bed liners that I make for them. in many ways they remind me of cats and dogs.

  8. Very cool present for you! Nicely done.

  9. aww that’s just too cute!


  10. Bossa Nova saw this post, and now she wants one, too.

  11. Oh, Mitz, I’ve had such connection troubles! Anyway, for at least this moment I get to visit and send kissies. Love that cat-in-a-bag–I’m going to have my mom look at this, although she can’t knit worth a fig. (Maybe if I pester her a lot she’ll at least try.) You’re very lucky to have such talented parents!

  12. Hi Meezer, Yes, I can see your point but this might still be a good option when your Meowmie is not home, what do you think?

    Hi GK, Its not actually clacking….its spooling that makes this rope thingey, then its sewn up and voila, a snuggle bag. I think you’d look amazing peeking out of one of these, jewels and all!!!

    Hi Sheep Woman, Of course I can NOT condone keeping this from your felines-in-residence, I will perhaps send them an email to alert them of this snuggle bag and your reluctance to stop sock knitting and MAKE them a couple of sacks!!!! They of course deserve these so much and your hooves are already well taken care of.

    Hi Pawmie, Yes, well you better get at it, you ain’t progressing as fast as Id like so far.

    Hi Simba, Wow, a handmade scatch post, too cool. I am sure your parents could indeed make this sack, IF they put their minds to it. Do not accept lame excuses, no knitting here!!!

    Hi Beth, Thank you for noting my incredible beauty and I do indeed think I will be a vision in my new snuggler. 😉

    Hi Ms. RVM, You are indeed a good furry parent if you have made all these goodies so far. Paws up to you!!!!

    Hi Kim, Its not here yet, I must keep prodding Pawmie!

    Hi Teddy, Yes, it is or will be I should say. I dont think this white feline does the bag justice but I WILL!!!!

    HI UV, Yes, and Bossa Nova should have one…come on, get spooling!!!

    Hi Oh Handsome Wills, No knitting required, I am confident your Meowmie could indeed make this snuggle sack, no prob. Do NOT accept excuses of lack of time or talent, you deserve the VERY best!

    Huggs and Headbonks and thanks for stopping by Felines and Humanoids,

    The Mitz 😉

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