A Year of Crafts





One of the positive things that comes from packing (besides stronger arms and getting rid of junk!!! LOL) is finding some unexpected surprises in the ‘sea of boxes’ that awaits in the basement.

Yesterday, we managed almost 8 hours of packing in total and really took a good ‘chunk’ out of what needs to still be done.

One of the ‘finds’ yesterday was 2 remaining boxes of my craft book, A Year of Crafts, which was published in 1995. Here is the editorial description for the book:

A Year of Crafts For Children & Adults

Imaginative craft projects, many with seasonal themes, provide year-round pleasure. Each two-page spread features one child’s and one adult’s craft with photographs and detailed material and assembly instructions. Ideal for gift giving, many crafts use materials found in your home. Crafts include fabric, seed, dough, bead jewellery, wood, pet toys, hair accessories and dozens of other types of crafts and materials. Suitable for age 6 and up.

6″ x 9″; wire coil bound; 104 black & white; 9 color photographs . Retail price 12.95

Many, many hours of work went into this book too. For years, most Saturdays were spent with my mom, designing and putting together the latest craft project, just in time for another week’s column in our local paper.

Two years after beginning my craft column (alternating weeks, one adult, one children’s project) I was approached by the Leader Post about putting together a book, complete with color photos etc… Many months later, A Year of Crafts was published. I continued with my newspaper columns as well, for almost 5 years, before moving on to other projects.

So, what to do with these ‘found’ craft books? I decided to offer them to my Veggie….readers first, as a gift with purchase, with my Christmas Cookbook Sale on til October 25th.

Purchase two or more copies of NJFV and receive as a bonus a free copy of A Year of Crafts.

If you are only interested in purchasing a copy of A Year of Crafts, I will be offering these for $8.00 U.S. or Canadian funds plus $5.00 postage= $13.00 for each signed copy, while quantities last.

If you would like to order one or both of these books, go to the Christmas Cookbook Sale Page and click on the link at the bottom of the page to order. These offers available only until October 25th.

 Happy Cooking and Crafting!     🙂

6 responses

  1. Holy cow!!! Is there anything you don’t do??? I’m impressed. Cooking, writing, crafting…

    It sounds like the moving process is coming along! Don’t overdo it…

  2. Geraldine, you are soooo talented. Just how many books have you written and haven’t told us about?? 🙂
    I hope you will take your time with packing and not push yourself.

  3. I’ve emailed you…! Gotta have..

  4. I agree with Annie and Mary Anne. Don’t overdo it! Sit down with a cup of tea and rest a few moments.

  5. You are so amazing, G. Thank you for your enthusiasm and kindness, as always. I’m fighting a cold, and this before i head to Toronto (via Buffalo)… it’s always something!!!

    Take care of you… don’t push yourself too hard. We love you!

  6. Wow, I didn’t know you wrote another book besides NJFV. I’m doubly impressed now!

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