The Mitz: Heh, What About ME!!!!!

What about some sympathy for ME!!! All this packing and gafuffel (I like that ‘word’) is messing up my precious nap times!

And yes, contrary to what Meowmie says, I do nap and well. Just not at night when she thinks I should be sleeping….snort…..that wouldn’t work, I’d miss all the fun of roaming the house, rearranging furniture in the dark, spilling the water dish and best of all, PULLING Meowmie’s hair!!!!!!!!           😉

Anyhooooo, I can’t wait til daytime tranquility returns. For now, I’ll catch my zzzzzzzzzzz’s when I can. Sighhhhh….        😦


7 responses

  1. Poor Mitz!! I hope you get some quality rest time while your Meowmie is working hard 🙂

  2. Our parents just don’t understand how crucial staying on schedule is to our well-being, do they, Mitz?
    Snooze when you can…but don’t give up the hair-pulling!

  3. They’re making you move?? How awful for you! I had to do that once and it was terrible. TERRIBLE! I know–you can come and stay with us while your people do that silly moving business. AND, maybe that would take my mom’s mind off adding to the family!

    I’d even let you blog from here! Between naps, of course.

  4. such perfect gift….& a keeper! love it. wonder if i could do this?
    your kitty is pretty & i just want to cuddle her because she looks so soft. & shes’ funny too! :o)

  5. What a fantastic picture!! Just makes me want to cuddle up and snooze, too!

    gafuffel…love that word!

  6. This is such a cute pic of the Mitz. I’m surprised she’s not rooting around in the packing boxes though! I guess she’ll save that for later this evening, when you’re trying to sleep……..

  7. Some people have not respect for a kitty’s beauty sleep!

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