Update: XMAS 1/2 Price Sale

    Update re: XMAS Cookbook Sale:

Due to an upcoming move we have in November, the last date to order NJFV at 1/2 price will now be Wednesday, October 25th (see XMAS Cookbook Sale page for full details).

I apologize for having to change the date. Just too much to do before the end of this month and not enough time (as usual) to do it!

A sincere thanks to everyone for their interest and support to date. Most appreciated.

I will be offline in November but hopefully not for long…..I will miss blogging and visiting all my favorite blogs. 

In the meantime, thanks again and Happy Cooking!!!


7 responses

  1. Moving…blah! But it is nice to shake things up every now and again. Here’s hoping that everything goes smoothly and that you will only have a short respite from blogland!

  2. Geraldine,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – and I’m happy to have found yours!:-)

    Good luck with the move.

  3. I still haven’t heard from you and I am thinking that you aren’t getting my comments…anyhow…I will try again…So, you are moving? Best wishes. That books looks interesting. Hope all is well…swing by when you can!

  4. Oh! I see my comment! YEAH! 😉 I created a new email address just for my blogging buddies so maybe that was the difference! Anyhow, hope to comment more soon! I have been…they just haven’t been taking. Sorry!

  5. When you are moving there is Never enough time! Hope all goes smoothly!

  6. G, you’re in my thoughts and prayers now and during your move. Take care of yourself and don’t get run down!

  7. We’ll miss U in November.

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