Movie Review: The Devil Wears Prada


Well, as usual, we went to see the ‘latest’ blockbuster movie, later than everyone else LOL!

In spite of a gigantic pile of work waiting for us yesterday, Joe and I decided to take the afternoon off, before having supper with my mom, and went to see, The Devil Wears Prada. It was a toss-up between this one and The Wicker Man with Nick Cage (sigh, yummmmm…..except what the hell has he done with his hair!!!).  In the end, we decided on some much-needed laughs to while away a couple of hours.

I am a BIG fan of Meryl Streep, in anything and as usual, she did not disappoint. Wow, this is one talented lady and this role is certainly not as she is often portrayed as the somewhat shy, slightly uncomfortable in her own skin Meryl. Even at the Academy Awards she always looks (at least to me) like she can’t wait to get into her sweats again and ditch the makeup and Dior gown asap!       🙂

Well Dior, Yves and Prada….. moved to the top of her list in this flick and then some. I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Yes, for the most part, it is ‘fluff’ and no deep hidden meanings to ponder after leaving the theatre. But it did have it’s moments and it did leave me wondering, “Are there really people like Miranda Priestly who ARE truly happy being the overachiever at any cost ‘dragon lady’ as Meryl so adeptly portrayed? Is there such a thing as true contentment in power and material wealth alone? “

I also LOVED seeing the clothes, some outrageous but what a budget wardrobe must have been for this film. Anne Hathaway also gave a great performance as the bumbling but brainy Andrea who learns to ‘walk the talk’ in Clothesland but eventually walks the walk, back to reality and the man of her dreams.

What did you think of this movie and did you think Meryl was a believable Miranda/Dragon Lady? What has been your fav. film so far for 2006?

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  1. The only movie I’ve seen in a theater in the last decade was “The DaVinci Code,” and that was pretty good; it followed the book fairly closely, and I loved that book as well as Brown’s _Angels & Demons_.

    (We usually wait for movies to come out on video and then forget which ones we wanted to see! LOL)

  2. Haven’t seen a movie in years! Sometimes I rent, but there just hasn’t been much out there that I’ve wanted to see. Basically, I like to watch cartoons on the couch and knit!

  3. I haven’t seen it yet. I’m glad to know you enjoyed it.

    My mom and I watched Ladies in Lavender this evening. The scenery and music were great. And there was a bit of sock knitting in it! But, it was strange overall. Except for the sock knitting. That made total sense. 🙂

  4. I also rarely go to the movies! I did see “An Inconvenient Truth” on vacation a couple of months ago and that was very enlightening and super good… i also have loved Meryl since her role in “The Deer Hunter.” I’ll watch pretty much anything with Christopher Walken in it… i think he’s in a movie that’s out now but i’m sure i won’t get around to seeing it for another few years. I’m WAY behind the times, for sure!

  5. i saw it at the second-run theatre a few weeks ago and loved it! meryl streep was fanstastic!
    now, my favorite film this year (though, as i’m always a little late to the party when it comes to films) was “everything is illuminated”. good story, great acting, wonderful visuals, and touching. oh, and i will always be a sucker for “the deer hunter” … but for me, it was robert de niro! he was such a babe then 🙂

  6. I thought Streep was marvelous. There’s something strange about that character. We’re supposed to hate her and her selfish ways. Yet, in some ways I wanted to be just like her.

    Think about it, you walk in to the office in your glamorous clothes, everyone kow tows to you, you never have to hang up your coat, and people scramble to meet your demands.

    No, she’s not admirable. She’s ridiculously high-handed, but, ooh, just for a snippet of the power that she wielded.

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