Take the Nature Challenge Today!

This is an interesting ‘quiz’ to take, sponsored by the David Suzuki Foundation.

Although there is one reference to living in Canada, for the most part, this information is applicable wherever you live. I scored quite well, at least my choices showed an improvement as opposed to causing more harm to the environment.

Take the challenge at: Nature Challenge

Also included was a list of 10 Effective Ways to Protect Nature:

1. Reduce home energy by 10%.

2. Eat meat-free meals at least once a week.

3. Buy a fuel efficient, low-polluting car.

4. Choose an energy efficient home.

5. Stop using pesticides.

6. Walk, bike or take transit to your regular destinations.

7. Prepare your meals from locally produced food.

8. Choose a home close to regular destinations.

9. Support alternatives to cars.

10.Get involved, stay informed. (emphasis mine, I just think this is so important, for so many issues ) 


Thanks so much for your comments!

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