I’ts MitZZZZ-time…..And the winner is:


The Mitz is having a long nap today so I thought this was a good opportunity to announce the winner of the Caption Contest and avoid any further feline retribution!!!  


Drumroll please…….. Beth at Felt Like Knitting came up with this clever caption, which was chosen by the judges as the best of a very good batch of creative captions.


 “Oh the things I put up with! I asked for a crown!”    


Well done Beth!!!

Your prize, two signed copies of Not Just for Vegetarians, is on the way. Thanks to everyone who entered, some very funny captions that kept me laughing and then some. The three judges mentioned how difficult it was to decide, all the entries were so witty and original.

I will be posting all the entries soon, so stay tuned.  

PS: Four posts today, record broken!!!  Yikes, time to get some real work done….    

9 responses

  1. Yay, Beth!!! No one deserves it more…such a sweetie!

  2. Wow! Thank you, Geraldine!!! This is so exciting! I’d like to thank The Mitz for the wonderful inspiration she provided. What a cat! 🙂

  3. Heh hehe, great caption Beth. Hope you got some extra z’s before you posted, G. Mitzi’s going to keep you all night for this one.

  4. Great caption, and I know that’s EXACTLY what Mitz was thinking! B/c OF COURSE – we ARE the Queens of our Households!

  5. Great caption! I love it.

  6. Congratulations, Beth!! What a great caption…it’s purrrrrrrfect! 🙂

  7. Hey, wow, love it; that is a GREAT caption!!! We should hire her at the newspaper that employs me as a copy editor!!

  8. Hi Sheep, Yes, a worthy winner indeed.

    Hi Beth, Congrats to you dear and I will pass along your kind words to the Mitz, she is NOT following up on these posts.

    Hi C, Yes, the retribution (hair pulling) has been in high gear since the winner was announced. Hopefully will be forgotten by the Mitz soon, but I doubt it, she has a great memory!!!!

    Hi GK, Yes, she would look lovely in a tiny tiara,perhaps a Christmas gift idea!!!

    Hi Meezer, Amen!!!!!

    Hi Mary Anne, I do too. I loved them all will be posting all of the captions soon.

    Hi Michelle, Yes, it is purrrrrrrfect, I agree.

    Hi K, Are you listening Beth???

    Huggs and thanks to all of you for entering and stopping by, G

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