Christmas comes to Veggies….


 Not Just for Vegetarians is 1/2 price for the month of October!

Start your Holiday shopping now and avoid the last-minute rush and hassles. Cookbooks are a perfect gift!

Check out the new XMAS Cookbook Sale page at the top of this page for all the details.

Only available for the month of October so order soon…

Happy Holidays, Santa is definitely on the way!!!!   🙂


8 responses

  1. Yeehaw! You must have taken a peek at my Christmas list. 😉

  2. Wow…very tempting! I think I’ll order one for myself. That is, unless I win the Caption for Mitz contest (ha ha)!!!!!

  3. It always pays to do the holiday shopping early!!

  4. Christmas?! it’s not even halloween yet. eekk that’s scarey!


  5. Cute Santa movement there w/the reindeer. Totally cute… and i don’t even celebrate that holiday! I still get into the spirir of the season…

  6. Thanks for this post. I was just thinking a few weeks ago that I needed to order your book but I wanted a personal message. I’ll be ordering a few next week.

  7. Hi JL, I didn’t peek, but thanks anyways!

    Hi Kim, Winner will be announced today or tomorrow…we shall see!

    Hi Annie, Some people already have all their XMAS shopping done. I think its a bit early for that but better than a big hassle just before the date eh?

    Hi Teddy, Lots of things are scary but I wouldn’t say thats the case this time LOL…

    Hi K, Its a special time of year for most people I think, not just a religious holiday, that’s for sure.

    Hi Opal, Personalized gifts are always nice. Thanks for your support.

    Have a great day, G 🙂

  8. email friend Elaine

    Hi, I would like to thank you for reminding me that xmas is not far away. Your book makes a wonderful xmas gift. I would like one so will be making an appointment with you.

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