Blog/Site of the Week: Crochet Me!

How’s this for a couple of cuties??? (sorry, photo no longer available)

And of course this site/blog Crochet Me,  is just what I needed LOL. Another place to drool over patterns that I want to make but will most likely never find the time. In the case of Fat Kitty , I AM going to make an exception to that “no time” conundrum. I plan to make this darling crochet cat very soon and hopefully a couple for gifts too.

I was intrigued by this pattern, how it was made, the shape of the cat formed as you worked up the body in a spiral. I also wrote to the designer of this pattern, Jennifer Reeve and asked about what she used herself in making the cat as shown (the instructions were sketchy when it came to materials, otherwise explained very well). She kindly replied with this additional information:

Jennifer used Rowan Big Wool- 2 skeins, 87 yds. each and an 8 MM/L hook. She has also made another Fat Kitty and used Fiesta Chinchilla chenille and a 4 MM/G hook so I guess it’s really a personal preference. I didn’t want to have to experiment too much with gauge etc, so I was glad for this reference point to start from.

Getting back to Crochet Me. This is a terrific resource for all things crochet. Some great patterns, tips and stories from crocheters to enjoy. Also, a visually attractive site to browse and let’s face it, some of the yarn places online do not qualify as visually attractive!!!! Who needs a FART button in your face, banner ads and pop-ups, not to mention doilies and toilet paper covers (enough said) added to the mix. Yikes!!! This site is definitely not guilty on these counts and certainly worth a browse if you love to crochet, like me!!!!

Happy Hooking.   🙂


4 responses

  1. That’s a neat site. I like the idea of the modified sweater, too.

  2. Such a cutie!!! My cats both love the crocheted toys. They hold up quite well despite some pretty aggressive play from the girls.

  3. Thanks for posting my kitty. Turns out I think I actually used a K+ hook 7.5mm for the Big Wool Fat Kitty. Im making a new kitty “Cattywampuss” for my website and Im testing it in Big Wool.

  4. Fat Kitty would be so right as a pal for the Mitz!

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