The Mitz- Blog of the Week: Kukka Maria

Ok, I admit it… I have been in a bit of a ‘kunk’ (human translation: funk) since the “Cherry-topped Mitz” debacle.

Apparently, a lot of humanoids are almost as desperate for laughs as my Meowmie is. The captions continue to arrive in my Meowmie’s inbox (Feline Translation: LittBox) much to my catgroan, and to be expected given her rather paltry and pathetic pastimes most days, my Meowmie’s delight.

I have been trying (and successfully of course) to even up the score a bit. Meowmie’s long hair has been getting ooodles of extra “pull-time” most nights of late. I make sure to get in my 40 winks when the humans are out of the house so that I can be fresh and ready for fun when it’s “lights out” for the old folks (I like to call them that, but not to their faces).  😉

Needless to say, Meowmie is not amused!!!!. I meow in reply, “Get use to it”.

If I have to pose and be displayed as a  da–dessert , then somethings gotta give…… And hey, it’s not like Meowmie accomplishes much more, when she does sleep.  I’m probably doing the old girl a favor, keeping her awake longer. It’s been scientifically proven that too much sleep can be harmful for humans, more winks= more wrinkles snort, snort…..Ok, so it’s only my theory for now, but I’ll be waiting for my observations to be challenged by a professional in the field of skin folds!!! I’ve seen the results of a full nights sleep for humans first-hand and believe you me…….. Meowmie at 6 AM, NOT a pretty sight!!!

Anyways, enough Meowmie-bashing. She still is in charge of the kibble so I better back off while I’m still ahead……

I have also found solace in the support and good wishes of the feline-blog community. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and headbonks a plenty. It has helped so much. I have also been perusing the Web, searching for new talent to tittilate my palette and those of my discerning feline readers (ok I guess the humans can read along too, but do try to keep up!!)


Her Royal Feliness: The Empress Kukka Maria (photo no longer available)

A particularly racey/rockin’/royal blog I have found in the past couple of weeks is: Kukka Maria, hosted by an exiled Empress no less!!! Can you believe it????

And if that’s not big enough news for you or you aren’t a  fan of feline royalty (is that possible?), the fab. KM actually DATED Brad Pitt!!! Of course it was when Brad Baby Blue Eyes (I’m guessing on the color of his orbs!!!) was between wives and sadly the relationship ended in spilled tears and kibbles…but heh, it must have been fun while it lasted. Which life of KM’s 9 it happened during was not discerned but it has certainly not taken it’s toil on the Empress’ royal stature or beauty. At least not to the naked feline-eye.

But what really, really, REALLY caught my eye on this outstanding cat-o-nine-blog was the September 14th post, eschewing the wonders of NOT being a dog!!! Now, that’s my kind of post. Read it and meeeeeoooowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

That’s just the tip of the tail. Stop by to check out celebrity scandals, who’s dating who, even human updates from the litter-lines……Don’t miss a minute….you snooze, you lose. Are you still reading Meowmie or have you nodded off again!!! Snort, snort…..

Chow for now, The Marvellous Mitz      🙂


9 responses

  1. Wow! I am humbled at the kind review of my blog! I never think that people might be impressed with the lives I’ve led and continue to lead.

    Who am I kidding…of COURSE I think about how much people love me!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful words! I am so touched you appreciate me so…

  2. I love your furbaby.
    What a gorgerous quilt! Did you make it?

  3. I love when the Mitz writes a post! She is so very talented – and cute too. I’m still working on a caption for the contest (but don’t tell her).

  4. Mitz, you’ll notice I respectfully refrained from joining in on that so-called “fun” with the cherry on your head. I didn’t think it was nice at all that your mom did that. I think my mom laughed, but you know humans sometimes. It really doesn’t take much.

  5. Oh, Mitz, you crack me up!!! So sorry for having contributed a caption in the contest. I just couldn’t resist. Desdemona and Persephone were both just appalled by my participation.

  6. Mitz, bein’ a dog isn’t so bad! Some of my best friends are cats though! My meowmie (what!?! oops!) hasn’t written her caption yet, she better get on the proverbial ball!


  7. Mitz, at least you get a little entertainment out of your Meowmie when you pull her hair! Mine is all work and almost no play! What’s a girl to do?
    Hope the caption your Meowmie picks isn’t too humiliating for you, I know my Mommie suggested one or possibly two.

  8. Greetings to The Marvellous Mitz. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I came to visit you back and had to call my Mom to see. I like the Cat stuff and she likes the food and knitting stuff (my Mom plays with all kinds of yarn.)

  9. Dear Empress, As you probably know, I ONLY write up felines and ahhhhmmmm, the occasional human, worthy of my witty and wisdom-filled words. You are fortunate to be chosen but worthy oh Royal One!

    Dear RVM, Yes, I am gorgeous, aren’t I? You must have excellent eyesight. No, my Meowmie did not make this quilt, nor did I, we only use it to cuddle.It arrived from a STORE!!!

    Dear Mary Anne, Yes, I am SO talented, arent I. Heh, what’s that about a caption, I can read ya know!!!!

    Dear Wondrous Willy, Yes, it certainly doesnt take much to tickle the humans funny bones, does it? I welcome and appreciate the feline-online continued support re: the Cherry Caper. thanks Willy, for all the love……

    Dear Sheep Lady, You entered too??? I hope that D and P shelled out appropriate retribution for this error in judgement, shame….seem to remember my Meowmie guffawing and a LOT, reading something you wrote just lately, more shame!!!!

    Dear Doggie, Gulp, can’t believe I just wrote that. If you want to score points with me Matster, better try to intercept that entry before it gets to my Meowmie!! Maybe then, we can talk more.

    Dear Meezer, Yes, do try hair-pulling when you can. SURE to get their attention, every time. Oh shame, more captions eh….maybe your Meowmie has too much free time eh???? You can’t always believe what they tell you. Mine is always whining about no time too.

    Dear Rascal, So glad you could stop by. Meowmie and I were really pleased to find your blog. Tell your Meowmie she’s doing a good job over there, ok!

    Huggs and Headbonks, The Magnificient Mitz

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