“Houston….we have socks!!!!”



   Ok, I know they ain’t fancy, don’t have an intricate pattern, and they are kind a chunky too….But these are the first pair of “real” socks that I have ever made!!!!!

Hard to believe (for me) that after all those years (about 25) of crocheting and knitting, I never got around to making a pair before.

Now, I can understand the reason that socks are popping up all over cyberspace. They were a lot of fun and I can’t wait to try the Cat’s Paw Socks next, more challenging then this first pair and knitted on double-point needles. These were just a fun crochet project and a great way to start. What do you think? Definitely cold weather, boot socks and proud to wear them I will be.   

Yes, I have made slippers, including these booties (plus several pairs for gifts) but never a SOCK that would actually fit in a shoe or boot. I’ve never really seen a heel take shape before, oh joy LOL!  And what a great way to use up extra yarn. I think I’m hooked!

In other yarn news… I am trying to find a sweater pattern called ‘Just Hanging Out’ which is described in the Cat’s Paw pattern link. Anyone heard/seen this one? It sounds really nice and a fitting sweater for any cat-lover. And I do need more projects, right!!!!    😉

I also finally found a knit-along for the Felted Clogs I want to make, over at knittinghelp.com. I have never participated in a KAL before, so this should be fun and help to keep me motivated. A big “Thanks”  to Mary Anne over at Miss Woolly Knits  for trying to help with this. I kept looking and finally found this KAL while doing a search for something else. That happens a lot!

My Cropped Cardigan is coming along nicely, back finished, working on the first front. Joe’s Lopi Cardigan needs one more sleeve and the pockets, so should be ready in plenty of time for Christmas. I really will need to be carrying my projects around for knitting on the go at all times. I still need to find a way to knit/crochet standing in lines LOL….that would help a lot.

Hope you all have a great Thursday.

Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and colors, wherever you are!    🙂

14 responses

  1. Hi G,

    They’re beautiful….very colorful!!!

    I don’t recall seeing a pattern for crochet socks before. The knitting instructions for heels of real socks always did seem a bit like “rocket science”….wonder if Houston would have responded to a call for help! LOL

    Sounds like good progress on the sweaters!

  2. Your socks are beautiful, so much nicer than the crocheted socks I once made. And trust me, once you start knitting socks you’ll wonder why you ever waited this long. 🙂

  3. Those socks are gorgeous! I love the colours and they are finished just in time for boot weather. Once you knit your first pair of socks, you won’t want to stop 🙂

    I wonder if Patternworks would still have the Just Hanging Out sweater in their catalogue? Here’s the link to their customer service centre: http://www.patternworks.com/pwpages/customerservice.html

    Yay that you found the KAL for felted clogs! I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your cropped cardigan too.

  4. Hey! Congratulations on your creation. They are gorgeous. I LOVE the colours!!

  5. how cool! how does the crochet feel on/under your feet? i’ve not crocheted socks (yet) …. do they stretch much?
    they look like they’d be fun to make. i bought my mom a crochet sock book awhile back … i might have to “steal” it from her!

  6. Hey, they turned out great! It was cool when I took the dog out tonight and it reminded me that cold, frosty weather is right around the corner. Your socks will be so warm!

  7. Your socks look wonderful! I’m not a knitter, but a couple of my friends are, and I’m starting to think I should give it a try. After my last flight across the country, I began to seriously envy all the people who were meditatively knitting the whole way across the continent. 🙂

  8. Hi Michelle, Thanks for the compliments! I don’t know about Houston…but this was sock-lift-off for ME LOL….

    Hi April, I just left a comment on your blog. Yes, I can see how this could be addictive, nice and quick and toasty toes after, a great time to start making socks with winter on the way.

    Hi MaryAnne, Thanks for your kind words and all your help! I contacted Patternworks, strange but true, they apparently don’t even have this pattern in their archives. Still looking. Calling all knitters…any of you that might know where to find the ‘Just Hanging Out’ sweater pattern, PLEASE let me know. Sounds like this is a feline-lovers sweater for sure. Id love to see it and maybe make it, when I catch up.

    Hi K, Thanks! Do you knit BTW? Maybe the Matster would like a beret, you know I think she’d look cool in one, she’s got enough style to carry it off. I sent her a link that she must read asap!!!

    Hi GLG,The link for these is in my post. I also sent you a note about a bit of adjusting I did, made them a few rows shorter, I don t like baggy socks LOL…they were fun to make.

    Hi Beth, Thanks a lot. Have you made lots of socks already? Looking forward to hearing more about the swap too.

    Hi JLB, Yes, do give it a try. I prefer crochet but I like knitting a lot too. Gotta be careful on flights with knitting needles now, some are allowed though, so Ive heard.

    Happy Knitting and Friday and Huggs, G

  9. At the risk of saying something that could be misconstrued (as in I have no idea what yarn you used for these…) “Your Socks Rock!”
    Congrats, I know that feeling. DPNs will be fun for you, I know. I love them!

  10. The first pair of socks I knitted…I mean MY AGENT knitted were chunky, too. Plus, she only made one because she, in her infinite “wisdom,” decided to do a three-needle bind-off instead of the mattress stitch the pattern suggested. It made for a crazy-huge toe, but she had already nipped the extra yarn and felt it would be too much of a pain to redo it.

    She hasn’t tried again, since, sticking to felted purses and Aran sweaters.

    I like your socks!

  11. I never mastered the crocheted socks…it just wasn’t pretty! 😦 But once I knit my first pair I was amazed. You’re right about the heel; it’s like magic. Nicely done! And just wait ’til that first snowy day when you head out in your handknit socks…you’ve never felt so warm!

  12. Hi Sallee, Thanks for the compliments. Im a bit concerned about stitches ‘falling off’ with the dpn but I guess you find a way to keep this to the minimum. Cat’s Paw Socks…here I come!!

    Hi Oh Royal Princess, The Mitz is all in a dither, now she wants an agent too!!!

    Mitz says: My Meowmie says that Aran sweaters are beautiful and that your agent must be some good knitter.

    Hi Sheep, They ARE kinda chunky but fit ok and feel so nice to wear them around the house (its cold and rainy here brrrrrrr) hopefully by the time the snow flies, Ill have more than one pair.

    Huggs and thanks for stopping by, G and the Mitz

  13. Re: the ‘Just Hanging Out’ sweater.

    Just got an email this morning (from a woman in Mary Anne’s knit group) informing me that Mary Anne Dinsmore, the lady who posted re: the Cat’s Paw Socks and this sweater is already deceased.She was only 50 years old. The obit was from Florida. What a shock this was to read.

    Hug someone you love today….they can be gone before you know it, can’t they? 😦

  14. The socks look comfy! It’s been many years since I’ve made socks. These days I’m into afghans. I’m almost most finish the Fan and Feather one. I’m pleased with it 🙂

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