More Yarn Tales……This Morning’s Finds!


  Yikes, I’m going to have to quit looking at knitting/crochet newsletters!!! If I live to be a 105, I will never catch up with the list of goodies I still want to make.

This morning, I set my sights on finding a crochet sock pattern and as usual, with the vast resources of the Web, found one in no time flat. These definitely look like a good pattern to start with: Crochet Socks.

Also found these lovely Cat’s Paw Socks to knit, with a touching story of how they came about. For all the knitting and crocheting I’ve completed over the years, I’ve never actually made a pair yet! Strange but true….Now, I see all the gorgeous socks dancing across blog pages and I’m thinking, it’s high time I got to it! Especially with the winter on the way, sock time indeed.

Then, just when I was going to get on the work to be done for the day, which includes sending out numerous emails that must be done RIGHT (ie: Thinking Cap securely fastened) lo and behold, I find the latest Lion Brand Newsletter has landed in my inbox.

Of course this lovely half moon shawl is just begging to be added to my crochet ‘make me’ list, the color itself is just so yummy, probably my fav shade of green, which is my absolute favorite color.  


Have a great weekend and do keep those captions coming !!!!!

The Mitz is NOT amused but I am!!!!        🙂


6 responses

  1. I laughed at your comment about living to be 105 and not having time to make everything you want. I’m right there with you, G! My list is way too long.

  2. Oooo…I do love that shawl!

  3. The shawl design is lovely and a glorious shade of green! I hope you have success with your crochet socks. Isn’t it fun to have a long list of proejcts you’d like to make one day? So much to look forward to.

  4. That shawl is SO beautiful….makes me want to run out and buy yarn…which I will allow myself to do after completing the 257 projects I have on my “to do” legal pad. 😉

  5. (It’s a Miracle…I can post again!!!)

  6. email friend Elaine

    The shawl looks really nice. It will be very rewarding for you to settle down and take some time for yourself. Don’t forget winter is coming, although we don’t like to think about it, the trees are already changing.

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