I’ve Been Tagged- Again!

Chris over at Eat Air has tagged me and this time it’s all about food. Yummmm….my kind of tag!!!

I hope I’ll be enjoying the pleasures of eating for a LONG time to come.

These are 5 picks (I have a lot more….LOL) of recipes/foods I don’t want to miss before I’m cooking on the other side!!! Are there kitchens over there, I sure hope so.   🙂

Anyways, here goes and in no particular order:

1. Green Tea ice cream. I mentioned seeing this yummy dessert in photos, on Flickr recently. Haven’t had the pleasure to actually taste this treat yet, looks delicious though and of course the gorgeous green color certainly appeals.

2. Purple potatoes. Wow, these look weird and wonderful. Give a whole new meaning to french fries. How about mashed purple spuds, wouldn’t kids love those?

3. An authentic, healthy and totally veg East Indian feast. Caroline, can you help with this one? East Indian cooking is one of her specialties.

4. A chili recipe with chocolate in it. Nothing fancy here, this flavor combo intrigues me though, may just work on the recipe myself.

5. A really, REALLY good vegan brownie. Lots of recipes for these online but to date haven’t found any that are wonderful. Lots of choices, nothing spectacular. Any ideas???

Of course part of the tag process is passing it along…..so, my picks for this fun to do tag are:

Caroline- Earth Friendly Gardening

Kim- Carolina Purl

Michelle- Be Well With Michelle

Dawn- Life Inchoate

Annie- Sheepish Annie

Have a great week!    🙂

2 responses

  1. Wow!! I never heard of Green Tea Ice Cream.
    And, Indian food is definitely my weakness… 🙂

    Great look over here!

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