Blog of the Week: Life Inchoate

One of the most visually beautiful blogs that I visit on a regular basis is Life Inchoate. Hosted by Dawn Armfield, a talented photographer (among her many other pursuits) ; visiting Life Inchoate is an evocative, often thought-provoking experience.

I have personally known some very talented photographers, over the years. I have always been drawn to photography that is a ‘cut above’. Images that stir my emotions, bring back memories…. photography that is art. Many times, the photos and words (covering a wide span of life’s topics) on Life Inchoate are just that.

To explain the origin of the name for her blog, I asked Dawn. Here’s her response:

“My name came from trying to figure things out about myself.  At first
 the name was girl inchoate because I felt like a girl who was still
 growing, still learning.  However, I realized that it was really about
 life.  My life is always changing.  I’m always growing.  I think our
 lives are always in that flux – not quite formed.”

Some testimonials about Dawn’s work:

view profile rachels_squiggles says:
“dawn’s work moves me to tears. It feels very profound and I find it beautiful and moving.”

view profile myla kent says:
“Dawn is an absolute gem. I love the way she looks at the world, both in photographs and in words.”

view profile steve_gobeil says:
“Dawn takes me back to places that I have loved and shows me things that I forgot to see.

Her images reflect a gentle soul who is at peace with the natural world.

Hope you will stop by Life Inchoate  for a browse soon. This is a blog you won’t want to miss.


9 responses

  1. email friend Elaine

    Geraldine, thank you for the wonderful information on Life Inchoate. I must confess I had never come across that word. Your blog brings so much to people that they would never have visited without you. I will visit Dawns site later.
    Thank you again

  2. Thank you for the link to Life Inchoate. I am enjoying the writing and the photos. It’s a beautiful site to meander through slowly.

  3. Thank you so much for the link Geraldine!

  4. Purple potatoes! YEAH!!!

    And a good vegan brownie is hard to find. I made ’em recently, tho the toppings were m&m’s… i would love to have one of yours, G. Bet you make a “mean” one… and i “mean” that in the best way, of course!

  5. Thank you so much, Geraldine. I’m honored.

  6. […] I also want to thank Geraldine for naming my site as her blog of the week. I’m honored and delighted. […]

  7. The photo’s are beautiful. I’ll definitely be checking out her website. Thanks!

  8. Bossa Nova says she is worried about the Mitz.

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