The Mitz: Wow, I’ve Been Meezer-Tagged!

I’m so honored!

My good buddy the Meezer, owner of Knitnana, has tagged me and given me a special assignment.

I am to share with my feline and human fans 5 pertinent tidbits of information about ‘Yours OH So Truly’ that may be considered just a tad strange/weird/wacky/wonderful… get the picture.

I am also, keeping the excitement at a fever pitch…. to tag 5 more lucky friends and after 10 long seconds of thought, I have opted for feline-pals, OF COURSE. Sorry humans, it was no pawtest!!!!

My list of those lucky tag-buds includes:

Gorgeous Willy (I’ve got such a crush on him)!!!!

Bossa Nova ( a new pal but already I sense we have a lot in common).

Lizzie (wow, her Meowmie is almost as entertaining (for a human, natch!) as my Meowmie is, I’ve got to put it that way, after all… Meowmie still controls the kibble jar).

Abbey ( who bears an uncanny resembles to my late great sis. Lois sighhhh…..)

And finally, last but certainly not least, The Calico Girls (I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings so I picked ’em all, they can help each other with the answers).

And now, without further cat-choo….I present my list of weird and wonderful Mitz traits:

1. I love soy milk! Regular, straight up and in a glass-glass pllllleeease. When Meowmie isn’t looking it’s lick, lick, slurp, slurp time…sorry if you didn’t know Meowmie!!! Nah, I’m not really, just shows how fast I still am, snort……

2. Unlike most cats (especially those of slightly more, shall we say, advanced years) I only sleep a few hours a day, certainly not the average of 14-16 that most cats are apparently clocking in. Life’s way too short for too much down time!

3. I do not require any special toys, they are boring and juvenile. My fav. pastime to relax? I LOVE to pull Meowmie’s long hair, especially when she is trying to sleep, such fuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

4. I have an uncanny knack of knowing when Meowmie wants to have a nap (as in cat) and will awaken myself from a sound slumber to insure that her plans of a bit of slumbertime are nixed!!! Forget it Meowmie, you don’t need to waste time sleeping. In case you hadn’t noticed, you aren’t getting any younger either!!!!

5. Although I am a gorgeous natural silver tabby, it appears my coat is becoming orangier (is that a word?) by the year. I like it a lot! I was planning to get a streak job, now I don’t need one. And the toms certainly think I am one foxy feline!!!! Still checking me out, whenever they can get a glimpse of my loveliness. I only have eyes for Willy though…..he is tooooooooooo hot!!!!

That’s it, my assignment complete, my list, a Masterpiece if I may say so myself. I look forward to reading my feline friend’s lists soon….Happy Tagging and thanks again dear Meezer, for picking me!   You’re the cat’s meeeeeeeeeooooow.      😉 

9 responses

  1. Oh, that certainly is a wonderful list. Although I think that you might want to reconsider the nap thing. We here at the Sheep household are big fans of the naps!

  2. Have you ever tried fresh catnip leaves, Mitz? They’re the best…don’t know how I’d like the soy milk thing. Mom mostly drinks the chocolate soy in her morning mocha lattes…
    I’m a little leery of the chocolate, ‘case Mom tells me it’s bad for me. Thanks for sharing! Glad I tagged ya!

  3. 🙂 thanks for thinking of Abbey!

    Im going to try and send you the file from Richard’s email account b/c it’s just not working from mine. They keep giving it back to me saying it’s SPAM

    I’ll post Abbey’s talents tonight after work! 🙂


  4. We did this a while back. 🙂

  5. Hysterical…..Mitzi, give your mom a break! Unlike you, us humans need more than a few hours sleep! 🙂

  6. Too cute, Mitz!

    I wuv u,
    the Matster

  7. Oh Mitzi, I am breathless with your beauty! I’m going to let my mom go to bed early tonight because she’s been working so much and doesn’t get to nap like me, so I’ll blog tomorrow. But you know, I’ve kinda done the 5 strange things already, so maybe I’ll have to think of 5 endearing things!

  8. That’s my Mitzi!!!!!!

  9. Dear Sheep Woman, So am I, and Meowmie too…but I don’t think she needs much nap time, she’s so ancient, I think she’s already slept enough…snort!

    Dear Meezer, Although I have been known to roll around a bit in a haze of organic catnip leaves, I much prefer Meowmie hair-pulling as the ultimate high. Try the soy milk, vet approved and you are gonna love it. Just put it on your Meowmie’s shopping list!

    Dear Teddy/Abbey, A wonderful photo of gorgeous Abbey and fun list, thanks for sharing.

    Dear CG’s, Ahhhh…been there, done that????

    Dear Ms. C, I do beg to differ but may reconsider for the time being. Meowmie and Pawmie just brought home some superb kibbles for me, they ain’t all bad, I guess!! Ok, one nap allowed for Meomie, next week, but this better not become a habit snort……

    Dear Doggie Mat, What can I say….a canine, loving me!!! Yikes, I need to take a nap. My Meowmie just loves you, wasn’t that bad enough.Later, gator!!!

    Dear Wills, You give me chills and thrills!!! Wow, true love at last. How can we ever meet though, I long to gaze into your sexy eyes….sigggghhhh….Thanks for waiting for me, I know you will. Ill get there, somehow!!!!

    Dear Pawmie, And your my Pawmie!!!!

    Headbonks oh Feline,Human and ahhhhhem Doggie Friends, The Mitz 😉

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