A Yarn and Ed Update!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about starting to crochet again and how happy I was to find this cute jacket to make.

(sorry, some photos no longer available)

Well, as is often the case with craft projects, at least for me, there’s been a change in plans. The dark blue/purple Homespun yarn I was using was just too difficult to work with for this stitch. In the jacket photo, the stitches look quite open but in reality, I found when working to the proper gauge, the stitches were very close together and it was almost impossible to see where the next one was to work into (if that makes any sense at all)!  Yes, my near-sight is just fine, I can still read very fine print without glasses.  Anyhoooo….I thought I’d better look for another cardigan to make and came up with another freebie from Lion Brand, this one in knit. Booo hooo…still no crochet on the hook but it will come.

This is not a good photo of the sweater, really too bad, I think it’s going to be very nice.  

Worked in a Broken Rib stitch, it’s got a nice textured look and feel to it and I’ve already completed most of the back  

In other craft news, Joe’s cardigan is coming along nicely and I will have at least 2-3 balls of beige tweed Lopi left over at the end, I’m sure. I’ve been wanting to make these clogs for ages now, so it seems that Joe’s going to be trying out the first pair!

Have any of you made these clogs? They are suppose to be easy but it sure seems like a lot of instructions, every row changes throughout most of the pattern. Was it hard to get the felt/size correct? Did you use purchased soles? Any advice on these would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to make them and have the size all wrong after finishing one.

It’s nice that the weather is cooling down a bit, for the most part. We had a scorcher here yesterday though and the lethargy hit hard again…hope that’s the end of the real heat. Back to lots of projects and progressing hopefully!

On a totally unrelated (where’s Ed??? ) topic. I finally had a comment with some answers re: my post on exercise guru, Ed Allen:

 Dave Says:
August 24th, 2006 at 2:27 am

Hi, Ed is a great friend of mine.
He is very private person.
Very healthy.
Exercises every day.
Great shape
He will be 80 soon.

I’m hoping this isn’t spam (don’t spammers have anything better to do, like getting rich working in the software biz)!!! Anyways, I sent an email with a few more ??’s to this Veggie….visitor. Not a week goes by when I don’t have at least 5-10 searches for Ed, showing up at Veggies….. It appears, I am not the only person wondering, ‘Whatever Happened to Ed Allen? ‘.

And on that cryptic note, LOL…..have a great Thursday.      🙂

6 responses

  1. Hmmm…”Ed Spam?” If it’s really spam, it is almost sort of innovative. Still evil and all, though… And if it’s really Ed’s pal, well then good for him. Here’s hoping we are all in knitting and crocheting shape at age 80!

  2. I LOVE THOSE CLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    G, i saw so many peeps crocheting and knitting during my vacation… everywhere i went, it seemed, it was really weird but cool and i thought of you and hoped the peeps were using veg-friendly materials.

    Stay cool… not that you already aren’t “cool”!

    Head bonks from Mat to Mitz…

  3. I love that Lionbrand sweater you chose to knit. One day you will come across the perfect crochet pattern, probably when you’re not really looking for it 🙂

    re the felted clogs, are they the fiber trends pattern? I’ve not tried them myself but they seem to be very popular. There might even be a knitalong or yahoo group out there somewhere.

  4. Too bad about the jacket, but when something doesn’t work, there is something better in the works! I’m sure you’ll find just the perfect pattern soon!

    I love the color and the texture of the sweater.

  5. I, too, have wanted to knit a pair of those clogs for around the house. Definitely on my list to knit this winter.

  6. Hi Sheep, Yeah, Im still debating about ‘Dave’, the supposed Ed pal. Ive written a couple more emails back and forth,I hope this is on the up and up but if it isn’t, I guess some people just have too much time on their hands (not me!!!) LOL

    Hi K, Are you in to yarn crafts? I don’t think I noted that on your blog. Yes, people are knitting everywhere. I do want to get into more hemp and cotton yarns as my veganization progresses. I have a friend with a sheep farm, she’s a vet too, and according to her, it really depends how the sheep are treated, wool is NOT necessarily cruel but it can be. What are your thoughts? The Mitz BTW will not accept headbonks from canines but she is willing to make this one exception LOL….

    Hi MaryAnne, Thanks SO much for emailing the KAL list, that was so nice of you. Yes, the sweater is coming along great, Id still rather crochet though!!!

    Hi Michelle, The photo came out kind of light but at least the texture shows up well, it really is a pretty stitch, knit one row, rib the next, hence the name, broken rib.

    Hi Diana, I hope I can find a KAL to join, Ive never participated in one so far, think it would be great motivation and help. Im still not up on exactly how they work???

    Huggs and thanks for your comments, G 🙂

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