Site of the Week:How Stuff Works-Express

Recently found this off-shoot of the popular How Stuff Works site. Although not as jam-packed with the quick ???’s and A’s of the original; I actually enjoyed browsing and reading through this site more.

Visually attractive and more in-depth information on the topics covered. Plenty of links to keep you and your children clicking too! And for teachers just heading back to school (and I am happy that so many teachers are Veggies….readers) there is a whole section of suggested classroom projects online and also a print magazine version, offered by subscription.

This is definitely a site worth checking out, for all inquiring minds. Lots of interesting topics, brain games, projects for the whole family etc, etc…..and just a really fun read.  🙂

Check it out at: HSW Express


3 responses

  1. Thanks for mentioning that site, Geraldine. I’ve bookmarked it to refer to throughout the year.

  2. What a great site, and thanks for the link! I picked up a tid-bit @ HSW Express…. Did you know an adult tiger can leap 20 feet? There ya go!

  3. Hey, that is a great site! Thank you for showing it to us… will bookmark it!

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