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Have you got a rant you’d like to share re: McAwful??? Got this sign idea from Vicki over at Vegetarian Family.

Yesterday, we were actually (and again) discussing the impact this company has had on so many lives, while passing by the ‘Golden Arches’ . All those billions of bucks and burgers…..and probably thousands of heart attacks directly related to the incredible consumption rate for so many people, of this plastic non-food.

Personally,  I know one family who eats there EVERY day!!! Their beautiful (for now) children will be paying a high price in the future, for their parent’s foolishness, I’m sure.

What I’ve never understood, WHY the appeal? This stuff doesn’t even taste good and it smells so weird!!!  Not that I’ve indulged in a Big Mac or anything else from McTrouble for a long, long time, but many years ago, yes, I did try this junk. It was tasteless then and I suspect just as bad now. Can lawsuits be far behind? If the tobacco companies are now on the hook, what about these restaurant giants??? What do you think? 

Have a happy, McNot Monday!  


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  1. I think people that have kids are under a lot of pressure from TV commercials and peer pressure from school, the kids’s friends, etc. to feed their kids fast food (or make other unhealthy & environmentally poor choices).

    I’ll probably get yelled at from people with kids–this isn’t a criticism, just an acknowledgement that it’s much easier to make choices only for yourself–a lot harder when you have to force your wishes on a small one who is being influenced by others.

  2. I think what people miss in the whole “food choices” game is the idea of moderation. If you like McD’s, then go for it. But balance it out with more sensible choices the majority of the time. And the “super size?” Well, the name says it all! Believe me, I had to learn that one the hard way.

  3. I also think it’s a lifestyle issue. People today lead very busy lives which keep them away from home quite a bit. As an example, a friend of mine has four children and Friday night is the only night that they don’t have something for at least one of the kids. It’s hard to sit down for a healthy meal if you’re always in the car.

    It all comes down to choices. People are responsible for their own actions. If they choose to eat fast food frequently, they will be faced with consequences.

    I have noticed that several fast food chains are improving their menus. It’s possible now for a child to get a meal at Wendy’s that consists of a deli meat sandwich, mandarin oranges, and milk. Not too bad!

  4. McBleh…

    I’ve been fast food free for years. AMEN!

  5. Wow!! What a powerful statement.
    People have to make choices in alignment with their lives and their situations. My children eat BK, McDonald’s and everything else but the frequency has definitely changed. It is what it is for us right now. It is hard when they are influenced by so much outside stuff. All of us can just do the best we can. 🙂

  6. My nieces and nephews beg for it. We do go there but we get the apple and walnut salad and throw away the candied walnuts. That leaves some granny smith apples, red delicious apples, and red grapes with lowfat yogurt – and that’s good. We top it off with bottled water.

  7. My son worked there for a school/summer job for 2 yrs. His uniforms are washed separate from the rest of the family clothes because the smell is just awful!

    No one in the family eats fast food so we’re always joking about him working for them and us not supporting the company financially.

  8. I’ve never been much of a fast food eater, for one thing, it’s not all that fast, and for another it’s not all that cheap. Well, mostly because I’m a snob about fast food. But still!

    The “convenience food” bit is pervasive. I was making brownies from scratch (because I always have) and my girlfriend’s daughter was mesmerized. She had no idea that flour went into them! Because her mom bakes with a box mix.

  9. In terms of main stream society, it is so ingrained in their way of life. I remember as a kid going there with my parents. I haven’t had fast food in such a long time.

    I always talk to my high school kids about how bad it is for them. I actually had a girl come back a few years later and tell me I inspired her to become vegan- that was the best gift 🙂 When she took my class, she would talk to me about being a vegetarian and I gave her some pointers…

  10. Hi Caroline, But isn’t it also encouraging to see kid’s in health food stores and restaurants, eating GOOD foods and liking it, because they perceive these choices as cool? It works both ways I think, and getting better now…slowly. Very good points you bring up though, must be tough being a parent with so many negative influences out there.

    Hi Sheep, If you read the book, Fast Food Nation, you will find a lot more persuasive arguments for shunning the Big M. Scary stuff!

    Hi Beth, And so encouraging to see somewhat healthier choices (as in Subway, Pita Pit etc…) catching up with McDonalds and Burger King. Not perfect but better.

    Hi Zee, And I admire that, so much!

    Hi Tasha, Ditto my comments to Caroline, yes, it must be hard but you are aware and making changes as you can, that really counts. Again, read Fast Food Nation, if you can.

    Hi Dawn, Your nieces and nephews have a very wise aunt.

    Hi Diane, Isn’t the smell just amazingly gross??? Good plan, separate laundry.

    Hi Carrie, Good points. And isn’t that sad, to think brownies from scatch were so foreign to this little friend.

    Great comments, thanks for sharing and stopping by. Happy McFree Week, G 🙂

  11. Hi Karen, Great minds think alike! I was responding to comments when you were typing yours…Thanks also for the good points and I agree, isn’t it a gift to influence someone’s life for the better, in a tangible way.

    Happily, its happened to me and several times. I taught many a vegetarian cooking class and gave demos and presentations, often the comments from participants were so encouraging and many times from people I didn’t really perceive as open to change. Nice to be wrong, sometimes. 🙂

  12. McTrouble! Hahahahahhaahhhh! That’s funny.

  13. What a statement. DH needs his french fry fix every so often or eats ice cream there. I too have been fast food free for several years. Nothing looks appealing to me there. My first eat out place is oriental food.

  14. Hey G – nice sign! Of course, I’ve eaten my share of McD’s, but not since going veggie. And I know people are faced with some tough choices sometimes — lack of time & money and that adds up to fast food many times. I just think these giants could do some good once in a while — cut down on packaging, offer healthier food (I hear some have garden burgers, but not in my town), ehhhm & not give away Hummers! They are just the biggest icon of so many things gone bad.
    Thanks for your shout-out, “G”irlfriend!

  15. Signs, signs, everywhere there’re signs… McDonald’s is atrocious in every way, tho i did stop there once on my recent travels to use their restroom.

    I was wearing an orange shirt that has a cute little pink piggy on it that reads “Pigs are friends Not food” too when i walked in. People looked and i just smiled…

  16. Hi VV , And that’s for sure!!!

    Hi Dori, I just don’t see the appeal of McD…to anyone, meat-eater or veggie. I mean on top of everything else, the food is just gross!

    Hi Vicki, Hear,hear….you nailed it. And trust me, those gardenburgers they are offering are no solution. We had a couple of free coupons for these when they first came out here, drove through, tried them and yuck…..tasteless, just like the rest of the junk. I don’t think this shift to offering healthier choices comes from any sense of integrity either, just more bucks and improving the corp. image (trying to anyways).

    Hi K, That was great. You should have received a round of applause too!!!

    Huggs, Have a great McFree Day and do read Fast Food Nation, if you haven’t already. A must read and a real eye-opener.

    G 🙂

  17. G, i totally wanna read that book…. While on vacation, i saw “An Inconvenient Truth” and one of the previews shown before it at the theater was for the upcoming movie based on the book “Fast Food Nation.” That could be interesting. Hope peeps will see it!

  18. LOL What a great sign!

    Should fast-food (or any other) restaurants be on the hook for future health problems people may suffer because of the content of the product?

    Only if they add ingredients that are guaranteed to create addictions like the cigarette companies do.

    Just like smoking (and I speak as one who quit after 34 years of cigarette smoking), people don’t have to eat fast-food. However, if the companies are going to sneak in stuff (I’ve been told the addtion of MSG does this: ) that makes it nearly impossible for a normal person to walk away from the product, then, yes, they should pay.

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