The Mitz: Pet Travel Tips a la Ms.Martha….


Greetings Human and Feline Friends….

Ok, here’s me, once again sitting in my fav. office spot, toasty warm on Meowmie’s black box thingey…..

Meowmie of course is back to pounding away at the keyboard and has FINALLY stopped whining to me and my oh so patient Pawmie about her SORE back!!!! Enough already, like you’re the only one with pain, hah!!! And let’s face it Meowmie, you might be nice, I do love ya, but you can be a real pain on the best of days, especially when you don’t show me the attention I deserve. I do tend to reciprocate in the most ingenious of ways though, don’t I??? Guess where the do-do’s are hidden today Meowmie snort, snort…..

Just joshin’ I used the L-I-T-T-E-R box, OK!!!!!

Anyhoooo…. while Meowmie was a-clickin’ I happened to see this article on the Martha site (wasn’t she in the slammer???) for Pet Travel Tips.

Personally, I’m not one for car rides, unfortunately, most of those have ended up at The House of Vet, where a thermometer usually showed up and ended up in my….yikes!!!!

Buuuuuut (snort, snort..) for the more adventurous and travel-happy felines and ahhhhem….canines, reading from someone’s lap (or black box thingey….) this a.m. (or p.m. if you’re later, gator) you might want to check this story out.

Ms.Martha also brought up a very good point….did you know that cats bring good luck to humans who are getting married? ( They sure need that, don’t they???) But that’s just the tip of the tailbone, we bring good luck to anyone we own. The eating out of the shoe part (you’ll see, click around…..) forget it!!!!

Martha might be rich and of course, knows her way around the pots and pans (obviously, NOT as good as Meowmie does, snort, snort…… it’s ‘suck-up time’ again!!!)  But Ms. Stew (as in Chuckwagon) does have some strange ideas at times and that “isn’t a good thing” snort, snort…..

I wish Meowmie would make me a Martha poncho though, would be great with fall just around the corner. I don’t want to get a chill…burrrrrrrrrrrrrr…I’m still trying to learn how to knit but it’s been slow going, I’ll tell you, the wool is SUCH a distraction!!!

So, hope you all have a Fabulous Feline Friday and make sure to check out Martha’s Travel Tips .

Heh, you might even learn something. If I wasn’t so incredibly intelligent and gifted, I might too, but I’m guessing that’s probably not going to happen. Perfection IS perfection, right!!!!

Chow for now, The Mitz      😉 


13 responses

  1. All my cats have always HATED traveling. I’ve carted cats long distances many times because I’ve had a couple of cross country moves. Notably, my first cat Jezebel & I flew from NC to Colorado-I carried her on board with me. She hated it & had to be sedated.

    I don’t agree with Martha, I would NEVER recommend to stow an animal in checked luggage–she mentions temperature swings but what she doesn’t say is that that part of the plane isn’t pressurized! That’s why shampoo and lotion get all over everything in checked bags. If the animal is too big to go as a carry on I think it shouldn’t be taken.

    Another notable cat trip…Tiny & Simba and me for 8 days in my little hatchback drove from Calif. to RI. N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E. I can still hear their incessant meows, 9 hours at a time. But when they finally got out of the car & into the hotel room, they were wild and didn’t let us sleep at night. I still cringe when I think of that trip. Mitzie, you’d never do that, right?

    BTW….Motel 6 is a pet-friendly chain…we stayed in Motel 6’s across the country. is a good source for pet-friendly hotels, cruises, vacation packages, etc. for anyone who does want to vacation with their pet.

  2. Now, Mitz…be kind to your Meowmie. It looks like you have it pretty good up there! My two feline companions have made it clear that they do not travel. Ever. I suspect that they would prefer to do the driving should we ever head out and I’m not sure my heart could take that kind of stress. Have a purrrrr-fect day!

  3. Ms. Caroline, A very good point indeed….as Meowmie was still ‘hogging’ the keyboard, I had to read Ms. Stew’s article rather quickly and upon re-reading, note this distressing suggestion for ahhhhem, CARGO travel. I do agree, not a good idea, given what a feline or canine would go through, travelling in these unhospitable surroundings. Yes, I do love to yeeeeeeeeeeeeeowl in any car. One plus, it embarrasses humans REAL GOOD, as other drivers go by. Snort….

    Ms. Sheep, Yes,Oh Curly One (are you really part Sheep???) I do agree, things could be worse. The humans here are OK, not A-OK perhaps (a rating seldom attained) but definitely OK. Driving eh…mmmm,Ill have to check out the upcoming courses available, thanks for the great idea.

    Headbonks, The Mitz

  4. Mitz,
    you are one talented writer – and very funny too!
    I just have one question: don’t you find it hard to hit the right key with your paw???
    I did read Martha’s traveling tips for pets and it was interesting, but not as interesting as your post!
    purrs to you,

  5. cute post & cute cat! i’m with you, mitz, i want one of those jail-house martha ponchos — in brown.

  6. Cute! Mitz, meowmie is creative if nothing else! She does seem to enjoy sharing her things you like to lay on.

  7. I think i may have sent you the wrong attachment. opps! Sorry about that 🙂


  8. Thank you Ms. MaryAnne, you of course are soooooo intelligent to note my superior skills, snort….

    Hello Ms. Vicki, If you have any yarn left, would you share, or perchance make me a poncho, cat size small. I do have a problem with concentration when W-O-O-L is nearby!!!Do you think brown would suit me???

    Yes, Ms. Dori, My Meowmie is creative, that’s for sure and smart….she brought me home, didn’t she and she had a LOT of felines to chose from, all those years ago. A perfect pick, Ill say!!!

    Hello Ms. Teddy, I have conveyed your message to my Meowmie.

    Chow for now, The Mitz 😉

  9. Does that black boxey thing ever talk to you?


  10. email friend Elaine

    Well, what a popular feline you are. Just look at all the comments, and they are so pleased with all you had to say. I never did know that cats brought luck to humans, now I know why my meowmie loves me sooo much. Your banter was so very interesting it made me smile alot. Thank you for making my day.

  11. You look kinda cross waiting for your mom, Mitzi. Can’t say I blame you. My mom frequently hogs the computer, most often when I have very important things to say. Then, when I finally get to it, I’ve forgotten!

    I looked at that thing on Is Martha Stewart Living. I think her kids are very unattractive. Looks like she might have stopped short on one of the car trips.

    I’m trying to talk Mom into going somewhere fun. But she can only take me. I’ve never stayed in a hotel!

  12. Love the post. I smiled so much!

  13. Hi C Girls….Oh, does that happen to you??? Ill tell if you do!

    Hi Ms. Elaine, Glad I made your day!

    Hi Willy, Sigggggh….you are so good looking, its hard to concentrate on what you are actually saying.Ok…Ill try! Yes, Martha’s ‘kids’ are definitely NOT in our league….way below.I just want one of her post-prison-ponchos snort,snort….am I witty Willy? Did you notice?

    Hi Ms. K, You make my Meowmie smile all the time, she even likes your D O G S….yikes!!! There, I pawed it.

    Huggs and Headbonks, The Mitz 😉

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