Green and Clean….

While I was ‘down for the count’ the last couple of days, suffering (and whining…., poor Joe)  with/about my back pain, I found myself at loose ends on how to spend my time. The worst part, the pain was also affecting the use of my arms. Yes, it was that bad. So, knitting, crocheting and my usual excessive daily typing had to go.

Happy to say, I am almost completely recovered and will hopefully not have a repeat of this for a long time to come, if ever. I sincerely feel for people with chronic pain of any kind, back pain surely must be close to the top of that awful list.

So, I found myself with the conundrum….What to do, what to do…..Joe was working and I felt too lazy to even pick up a book. Pain appears to drain energy and concentration too.

Lying on the sofa , starring at the ceiling and snacking waaaay too much quickly losing appeal…… I spied the large grey box that usually doesn’t get ‘lit up’ until Sunday morning Coronation Street time.…I decided to check out the dreaded ‘Day Time TV’ . And you know, I actually LEARNED something in the process.

Channel-surfed my way to Detroit Public TV where they were having a pledge drive and had Graham Haley as a guest, touting his books as a ‘gift with subscription’. Mr. Haley, famous for his thousands of household hints was an engaging and fun person to watch.

I was amazed and amused, watching him stir up one concoction after another, Try:  (Calgon, salt and a strip of tinfoil in warm water, voila…..shiny, tarnish-free silver). Pantihose appearing in the most unlikely of places ( try storing wallpaper rolls in used ones), a man’s pant hanger (transformed into a hanging cookbook holder). I was hooked…bring it on, pleaaase…. I just had to have one more green tip !!!! LOL

Ok, the pledges came pouring in (maybe it was more like a trickle) the show was finally over, Joe returned (best part) and I came down from my TV high! Was TV addictive after all? Naaaah….the remote got stashed away, probably til Sunday, no problemo!!!

So , happily I am back to reality (not reality TV), including ‘the joy of typing’. You really…..don’t know what ya got til it’s gone……

I decided to take a look around the Internet to see if Mr. Haley shares his dazzling displays for free anywhere online. Nada…at least I didn’t find any, after taking a quick scan of the gazillion ‘possibilities’ on Google. I did however stumble upon a very interesting site called Organized Home where among other interesting and useful gems, I found several pages of green cleaning tips, using simple household products. 


What are  your favorite ‘green and clean’ tips and products? Any ideas that have been passed down in your family? Like so many other things, ‘everything old is new again’  when it comes to cleaning house and some of the best ideas are truly the ones that have stood the test of time.

Personally, I love cleaning with baking soda and white vinegar. Cheap, effective and no toxic chemicals. Hope you will share your favs. too.   🙂


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  1. OK I don’t know HOW tv does it but it IS addictive sometime. I mean have you seen AnimalPlanet? I just can’t stop myself hahah


  2. glad to hear you’re feeling better!

    My hardwood floor cleaner: fill a bucket with hot water, add a generous cup of white vinegar. To discourage ants, add a pinch of borax. Don’t rinse.

    Window cleaner: Use a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. The first time you wash windows using this solution, add a couple drops of dish soap to get rid of the film left by earlier commercial cleaners.

  3. Biiiig fan of the baking soda. It’s a mild abrasive and takes the little scratches out of the stainless steel sink. Also deodorizes and is cheap, cheap, cheap!!!

  4. This is the BEST “appliance” I own…granted not a “green” cleaning tip – I use lavender scent for everything – but is certainly a big assist in the recycling endeavors in MY household!

  5. Very big fan of baking soda and white vinegar!

  6. What’s cleaning? 🙂

    I like Organized Home, too. They suggest making a “household notebook” and keeping everything in it (calendar, phone numbers, etc.). I’ve used this for several years and it works really well for us. There are printouts for monthly calendars, so I never have to wait to buy a current calendar.

  7. Hi Teddy, Do tell, is AnimalPlanet THAT good. My only TV addiction is the UK’s Coronation St. Ive been watching it for about 20 years and its been on TV for about 35 so I think this may be a lifetime prob. for me LOL….

    Hi Vicki, That’s interesting, the vinegar doesn’t harm the wood floor, as in bleach it at all? Im with you all the way re: the vinegar and window combo, just great.

    Hi Sheep, And so many more uses….the Arm and Hammer co. has a website full of uses, at:

    along with a gazillion other baking soda sites.

    Hi Sadie, Im going to check out that link this morning, thanks. I love natural lavender, so beautiful and the fragrance is one of my favs.

    Hi Diana, Me too!

    Hi Beth, LOL…..heh, that’s what you do when your fingers get too tired to knit and your inlaws are arriving in an hour!!! I will have to check out that site a bit more, sounds like I missed a lot of goodies.

    Thanks so much for your interesting comments,
    Have a great GREEN day, G 🙂

  8. Chronic pain is a pain. It saps your energy. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better.

    White vinegar and baking soda are fabulous cleaning agents.

  9. email friend Elaine

    Hi, glad to hear you are on the mend. Just have a couple of hand – me-downs. Put a little bit of butter in anything you are going to boil and nothing will boil over re: potatoes, beets etc. also put a little vanilla on some cotton and put in the fridge, takes away odors.
    Your blog is sooo intersting other than answering emails your blog is tops on my list.

  10. Thanks Carrie, my back is feeling a lot better. I agree about the vinegar and soda, use them all the time.

    Thanks Elaine, Good tips and actually Ive never heard of either of them before. Also for your kind compliment. I love to blog!!!!

    Huggs, G

  11. I love baking soda!

    Whenever my meal or drink includes lemon (which is almost daily), I save whatever is left from the lemon and use it in warm water as a cleaner, and also as a degreaser for the glass-top stove. Then, when there’s nothing more left to squeeze out of it, I put it through the garbage disposal -cleans up the junk in there and leaves it smelling fresh!

  12. Using newspaper to clean windows oddly works a treat especially when you use the vinegar recipe mentioned above. Weird but true…

    Also baking soda in the bathroom absorbs moisture and in the fridge absorbs smells…



  13. Hope your back is better! My green tip is to use less laundry and dishwashing detergent than is suggested… we can usually “get away” with just a bit and it goes a long way. Esp. for dishes, it is my belief (and i could be wrong) that because i don’t use meat or much dairy, there is just not a tremendous need for much more than some hot water and a little soap.

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